5 Narcos: Idle Cartel Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

El Patrón has placed you by his side to work for him and push his illegal enterprise to the top of the mountain.

Handling such a tall task is handled on the mobile gaming front through the latest idle clicker experience, Narcos: Idle Cartel. Based on the popular TV series, this brand new game pushes you to build up the most profitable and powerful cartel on your preferred mobile device. That lofty goal entails pushing your workers to produce “goods,” putting managers in place to increase your workflow, upgrading different facets of your factory, etc. You’re going to need all the help you can get within the crime-ridden world of Narcos: Idle Cartel, which is why we’ve come to give you some much-needed assistance.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Narcos: Idle Cartel:

Download Narcos: Idle Cartel from Google Play here.

1. Set the Upgrade Limit to Max on Everything and Go Crazy

Narcos Idle Cartel

Tilting Point

• Once you start fresh during a new daily playthrough of Narcos: Idle Cartel, first thing’s first – make sure you fill-up the boost production meter to the max so you can increase your sales at a much faster rate all day long. And you’ll definitely want to activate your speaker boost so you can get a quick speed boost for a limited amount of time. Kicking off your latest slate of work with these boosters in place is a must.

• Once you’ve gotten yourself into a good rhythm as far as your operations are concerned, start placing managers in their allotted positions so they can handle all the active tapping work for you. Be sure to set the upgrade limit to the max setting on everything you’ve unlocked thus far and alternate between upgrading each of those facets over time. It’ll become so much easier for you to complete chapter missions as you regularly upgrade each and every part of your operation – the big upgrades tend to award you with extra influence currency and other useful rewards. Those rewards end up going a long way towards improving your production and fattening your pockets, so go crazy with all those max upgrades!

2. Finish Every Mission That’s Available to You Before Moving on to the Next Chapter

Narcos Idle Cartel

Tilting Point

• You don’t need to beat every mission that a chapter tasks you with completing in order to move onto the next one. But you’re much better off completing all the missions allotted to you during a single chapter before you decide to reset your progress. It’s always worth getting the maximum amount of rewards given out by each and every chapter mission before you start up a new chapter.

• That way, you can start off the next chapter with all the goodies (product cards, character cards, influence currency, etc.) awarded to you from the previous one. Earning these types of items can give you a leg up on the next chapter since you’ll most likely have enough cards to upgrade your products and managers from the very start, which means your current chapter progress will prove much more fruitful than the last one.

3. You Should Save Up Your Influence for Card Upgrades and Your Super Cash for Boosters

Narcos Idle Cartel

Tilting Point

• During your main gameplay sessions, you’ll begin to accrue a decent amount of influence currency and super cash. Since both currency types don’t usually come to you in large amounts when you choose to play the game entirely for free, you’ll need to be cautious with the types of purchases you make with either one.

• You’re much better off saving your influence on product and character card upgrades as soon as they become available – having upgraded versions of both card types in your inventory nets you more cash and improves your work production the farther you go along. As for what you should spend your Super Cash on, you should only put them towards the time boosts available in the shop. Those time boosts especially come in handy during limited time events since they drastically improve your production during the 24-hour event period and push you ever so closer to the top 50 players on the current event leaderboard.

4. Keep a Close Eye Out for Pigeons and Cards Trade Deals

• There will be certain occasions where a random pigeon will pop up at the very top of your screen. As soon as you spot that little birdie, immediately click on it so you can watch the video ad attached to it and earn some extra influence currency. Speaking of video ads, always put them to good use once you return to a game session that asks you you to double the earnings you accrued during your time away.

• There’s also another character you need to keep an eye out for at the top of your screen – the shady fellow wearing the dark shades and grey suit. His card trade deals are usually worth accepting since they’ll help you earn more influence currency in the process. Replenishing the cards you just traded in is a pretty easy process since it can be done just by completing missions, reaching big upgrades, and opening your Government Gift suitcase. Accept every card deal that pops up whenever you get the chance to do so.

5. Once an Event Begins, Stick With it For its Full Duration

Narcos Idle Cartel

Tilting Point

• This game’s version of events usually don’t run very long. They only stick around for an entire day, which means you’ll need to devote all of your attention to its progression once they’re active. Switch over to an event and activate all of your boosts as soon as you start working on your operations. The boosts you purchase from the shop should only be used during events so you can push yourself even harder and faster to the top 50 positions on the current event leaderboard.

• Be sure to check in every hour throughout the day during an event so you can claim all of the hourly rewards given out to you. Handle all of these tasks and you’ll walk away from an event with an insane amount of goodies that’ll help you reach new chapters at a much faster rate during the main game scenario. Be sure to spend all the tickets you acquire during an event so you can leave with all those purchased items/upgrades before your time is up.

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