Fortnite Glitch Gives Players Infinite Healing Items

fortnite infinite flopper glitch

Epic Games / Glitch King - YouTube

It’s no secret that Fortnite is filled with bugs, but the majority of them don’t really have much of an impact on whether a player wins or loses a game.

Each update usually addresses an abundance of issues whether it’s something to do with cosmetics not showing up properly or the whirlpools acting up.

This particular glitch gives you the option to spawn an infinite amount of healing materials, meaning you can just win games by living in the storm forever. Obviously, that’s a huge issue, but if you’re interested in trying this for yourself, read on.

How to Spawn Infinite Healing Items

YouTuber Glitch King, who, unsurprisingly, specializes in highlighting glitches in the world of Fortnite uploaded a video that shows how to duplicate healing items.

To get things started, you’ll need any consumable, a Flopper, for example, any gun and a boat.

From there, you’ll need to drop the consumable in front of the boat and then switch to your gun. Now, it’ll get a bit tricky, but you have to pick up the consumable, enter the boat while also switching to the consumable at the exact same time.

If it works, you’ll see you have 1,000,000 Floppers, or whatever healing item you went with. Now, when you are eliminated you’ll see the item pour out of your body, so you’ll need a friend nearby to reboot you. Just head on back to your body and pick up all the items to your heart’s desire.

Will This Be Fixed?

Update: Boats have been disabled.

While the bug we saw last month with the infinite Floppers didn’t have an explanation, it seems a bit obvious now that this is what was done.

Obviously, this is an extremely strong glitch and if it’s abused enough, we’ll likely be seeing Epic patch this one out as soon as possible.

It looks like something that will take a bit of time to master, but it’s obvious that this can have serious ramifications on how a match ends.

If you want to know if Epic is fixing this bug or any bug for that matter, it’ll be worth it to check out the official Trello board where they map out everything that’s currently being looked at.

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