TimTheTatman Earns Fall Guys Win in Front of 300k Viewers

timthetatman fall guys win

TimTheTatman - Twitch / Devolver Digital

After weeks of waiting, Twitch star TimTheTatman has finally come away with his first win in Fall Guys.

This comes after days of being absolutely roasted by the official Twitter account. What started off as a way to give news and updates players, the Twitter page slowly transformed into an account that was solely dedicated to just griefing Tim.

However, it’s looking like all of that will have to come to an end after he finally came home with his first-ever win.

It didn’t come easy as he was on a strict deadline as he had to switch games two hours into his Fall Guys session. Tim stressed he wanted to get his first victory genuinely, meaning he didn’t want his friends to just gift it to him.

Tim is the Champion

Anybody who has played Fall Guys before knows how difficult it can be to actually get a victory, which is why when you finally reach the mountain top it feels so good.

When it comes to the final round, there are only four different games to choose from, with some of them being far easier than the others.

Tim was tasked with toppling Hex-A-Gone in front of over 300,000 viewers, which is not an easy feat by any means. He was able to persevere and finally cross the threshold to victory after grueling experiences game after game.

After the match wrapped up, Tim’s chat flooded with gifted subs and his viewership climbed even higher as viewers from all across Twitch came to join in on the fun.

In true TimTheTatman fashion, he celebrated afterward with an ice-cold Bud Light Seltzer, which was, of course, the Black Cherry flavor.

His Failure Has Been Great For His Channel

Despite taking so long to get a win, there’s no denying that viewers were greatly enjoying the content.

His views on his YouTube channel have been increasing significantly and he regularly broke the 100,000 viewer mark on Twitch, making Fall Guys the most successful game on his channel.

The stream snipers were also having a field day as well as many players dedicated their whole existence in the game to griefing Tim.

These are likely players who have already earned a win, so they instead decided to prevent Tim from joining them in the winner’s circle.

He has jokingly said the developers are paying people to grief him, but there’s obviously no validity to that claim, but at this point, one has to wonder.

Was This What 2020 Needed?

With everything that has happened so far in 2020, Ninja said it was a good thing that his struggles continued like this because it gave everyone something to bond over.

Immediately after the victory, “TIM DID IT” began to trend on Twitter, indicating there were many people all across the world just as invested in a victory as he was.

There’s still one question that remains though and it’s what will the Fall Guys Twitter account tweet about next? Now that Tim has crossed the barrier, they’ll likely have to find some new content.

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