This Insane Fortnite Groot Ball Bug Needs to Be Addressed

fortnite groot ball glitch bug

Epic Games Ball is life.

There have been a lot of cool additions to the item pool in Fortnite Season 4, but many of them are creating more problems than they’re worth.

The Doctor Doom bomb, for example, can be cheesed in a way that makes it near impossible to fight back against in the Trios and Squads playlists.

Now, it looks like we can add the Groot ball to the list of items that are a bit too powerful in Fortnite Season 4. While this item is meant to get you out of trouble and also heal you up during it fight, it can also be used as an offensive weapon that sends you flying across the map.

Take a look for yourself.

Ball Is… Death?

There have been numerous players reporting that the physics with the Groot ball are wonky, but that’s been an understatement.

Reddit user Xientraa thought they were just a victim of a strange bug, but this can be done entirely on purpose.

We’ve seen many instances of players being launched off the map after using the item, but now we’re seeing some people take advantage of this and going on the offensive.

For whatever reason, the Groot ball can act as a superpowered launch pad and if you’re caught next to one when it pops, you can be sent zooming off into the water.

Obviously, this is a very big deal and if people continue to abuse it, Epic will have no choice but to step in.

Can This Be Replicated?

For a while, we’ve given people the benefit of the doubt when it came to this, but the above clip is pretty damning because nobody really gets that close in the fight and then pops a Groot ball for no reason.

Players are starting to become quite aware of what this ball is capable of, and it’s looking like Epic will have to address this one if they want to keep the competitive integrity of the game around.

Keep in mind that using this item yourself, even just to heal without anybody around, can also launch you off the map, so it’s turning into a dangerous thing to use.

Your mileage may vary from instance to instance, but it’s something to keep in mind if you’re going for a Victory Royale.

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