Fortnite Anime Legends Bundle Leaks After v16.10

fortnite anime legends

Epic Games

As is the case with any Fortnite update, when one drops there will be a lot of content to dive into both in the game and in the files.

When it comes to what’s going on behind the scenes, it’s up to the leakers to let us know what’s back there and they have delivered in a big way.

It’s no secret how big anime has become over the past decade or so, and now that fandom is leaking over into Fortnite.

In the Season 5 Battle Pass, we were introduced to Lexa, and later on the in the season she was joined by her brother Orin.

It looks like Season 6 will be expanding upon that idea in a big way with a new bundle.

Following the v16.10 patch, news of an upcoming Anime Legends bundle leaked and it features some of the coolest skins we’ve ever seen in Fortnite. If you’re a fan of the anime style, then this will likely end up being must-buy skins.

Fortnite Anime Legends Bundle

Thanks to Fortnite leaker HYPEX, we have a look at the upcoming bundle that features three skins and three pickaxes.

There’s currently no word on when this will hit the shop or how it’ll do it. The simplest way would be to add it into the Item Shop and make it purchasable with V-Bucks, but there are other options.

Similar to The Last Laugh bundle, this might be something that’s only available with real cash, which would definitely be a bummer to anybody who has been stockpiling V-Bucks.

All of this is still just speculation at this point, so take it all with a grain of salt. We’re sure that no matter how this pack is sold, it’ll be something people will pick up because of how cool it is.

What’s Included?

It’s tough to tell exactly what will be in this bundle until it finally releases, but the image gives us a good idea.

In the above tweet from HYPEX, it looks like at least one of the skins will have a variant style, and it also looks like there will be six different pickaxes.

Now, having that many pickaxes to go with just three skins doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense, so there’s probably something else going on behind closed doors that we just don’t know about.

Another thing we’re unsure of is what the price will be. Since it’s not even confirmed if this bundle will be sold in the Item Shop or a standalone bundle, it’ll be very hard to tell what the final price will be.

For reference, a set of three skins such as The Last Laugh bundle is available for $30, so it’s possible Epic could go down that route again.

Whatever the case is, this will certainly be a popular bundle when it releases and you will likely be seeing a lot of anime characters running around in your lobbies. Maybe there’s a chance you’ll even be one of them.

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