When Are Tornadoes Coming to Fortnite Chapter 3?

fortnite tornado

Epic Games

Something that was shown off in the trailers leading to the release of Fortnite Chapter 3 was dinosaurs, but we can’t forget about the tornadoes either.

Both of this would be fairly big additions to the game, and we’re not just talking about the size of dinosaurs either. Of course, Raptors were in Chapter 2, so it’s not like adding dinosaurs is much of a big deal in Chapter 3.

However, we’re going to be seeing some rather big weather elements at some point this season, and while we were given a glimpse at these raging storms in the trailer, we haven’t seen them in the game yet.

We do know tornadoes are coming to the island at some point, but Epic hasn’t given us an exact timetable on when to expect them. Thankfully, we have Fortnite leakers to give us the information that Epic hasn’t, and it looks like we have an idea of when tornadoes will appear on the new Chapter 3 map.

Could Be a Few Weeks

A leak by ShiinaBR reveals that there will be a challenge in Week 6 that involves a tornado, so that means they will need to be in the game before that time.

It’s also worth pointing out that the Flare Gun should be making a return by that point as well, so keep an eye out for that.

As of right now, it’s tough to tell exactly how these tornadoes will work because the screenshot that’s been revealed shows it sucking up objects, and that would absolutely be devastating to come across.

Imagine you’re in a build fight and a tornado comes through and takes everything out. It’s not known if these will be random weather occurrences or if they’ll only spawn in at set locations at set times. It seems like we have a little while to wait before we’ll know for certain.

We can’t imagine they’ll be too strong because that means they’ll just turn out to be annoyances rather than something players think are cool. There’s also a good chance they’ll be disabled in competitive playlists if they destroy a ton of stuff.

Dinosaurs by Week 7

Shiina also notes that dinosaurs should be back by Week 7 due to a challenge involving them. We’ve already seen these massive beast in a trailer, but they aren’t in the game as of right now.

We do have to hope they are nothing like the Raptors because those things would just hunt you down and become a pest if you didn’t take them out as soon as you came across one. It looks like these bigger ones might not a huge hassle because they likely won’t move very fast.

It does look like they’d be dropping a ton of meat for healing if you feel inclined to kill one once they release, you might come away with a a collection of supplies for the whole squad. Of course, we won’t know what their insides have until they officially release.

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