Fortnite Chapter 3 Trailer Accidentally Leaks Online

fortnite chapter 3 leaked trailer

Epic Games

You can count the days left in Fortnite Chapter 2 on one hand now, and Epic is doing everything in their power to hype up this event.

Whether it’s The Rock coming out with a strange video or daily reminders from the developers about everything that has gone down this chapter. To be fair, there have been a lot of events and we even fought off Galactus after he tried to completely consume the Zero Point.

A new chapter is big news for Fortnite, and it will more than likely bring massive changes to the game. On top of the new map in Chapter 2, we also got new mechanics with fishing and swimming, so there’s really no reason not to suspect that happening again.

It looks like a new map is practically guaranteed at this point if a recently leaked trailer is anything to go by. Appearing first on TikTok before being shared by leakers, it looks like the current map completely flips over and reveals a new one, among many other things. Let’s take a look.

Spoilers for Fortnite Chapter 3 to follow.

Leaked Chapter 3 Trailer

If you want to check out the new trailer, you can watch the video posted by ShiinaBR, but just be warned that there is a lot going on.

In the trailer, you can see some massive explosions, a tidal wave, but most importantly, you can see the map rotate and reveal something new.

Obviously, it’s tough to say exactly what’s going on from this new snippet, but it does seem to confirmed we’ll be getting another map to start this chapter off.  This shouldn’t be too much of a surprise since each season brings a variety of map changes, and the last time we did get a new chapter it came with a new map.

Epic will continue to post small teasers leading up to the event, and there’s the event itself to look forward to. It’s possible that the events that play out in this trailer could into the new chapter. There’s a lot happening here that will definitely need some explanation.

Event is December 4

For those of you who want to watch the conclusion of Chapter 2, you’ll be able to do so on December 4 at 4 p.m. ET. Now, you’ll need to be there in person for this one as it’s a one time thing.

If you are unable to make this specific timing, you’ll need to catch a rerun of it from a streamer or on YouTube. This is a return to how many of the live events have worked in the past, but Epic did experiment with solo events that let you play it at any point in the season.

Those were cool, but it’s definitely nice to see the bigger scale events because those have always created the most hype for Fortnite. This event has the opportunity to be the biggest thing yet, and that’s saying something considering we had an Ariana Grande and Travis Scott concert earlier this chapter.

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