How to Complete Fortnite x Jumpman Trickshot Challenges

fortnite trickshot challenges

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If you’ve been playing Fortnite for a while now, you might remember that the Jumpman brand has already crossed over with Epic’s battle royale in the past, but it’s back again with a new set of skins.

This time, it’s all centered around the Air Jordan XI Cool Grey style, and the shoes will be bringing a whole new set of skins into Fortnite. Even if you’re not a fan of the Jumpman brand, Ruby is getting a new style here and everybody knows how popular that character has become in Fortnite.

If you’re looking to grab the new skins, you can do so beginning December 1 at 7 p.m. ET, which is when the Item Shop will reset, but if you’re looking to go above and beyond, you’ll be able to unlock some special styles for the skins.

This can be done by completing Trickshot Challenges, and doing 12 of them in total will reward you with all of freebies.

Here’s how it all works.

Trickshot Challenges

The challenges aren’t live until the skins hit the shop, so depending on when you’re reading this, you might not be able to complete them yet.

Fortnite leaker FireMonkey posted the rewards for each of these challenges, and you’ll also be able to read about them in Epic’s blog post.

It sounds like you’ll need to own the base skins to unlock the variant styles, but if you do, then you’ll want to knock these out. The Playmaker (Blue) style of the Hangman Outfit and the Crossover (Dark) Style of the Swish Outfit are up for grabs here by completing six Crossover Challenges.

Here’s how it all plays out:

  • 6 Trickshot Challenges:
    • Playmaker (Blue) Style of the Hangtime Outfit and the Crossover (Dark) Style of the Swish Outfit
  • 10 Trickshot Challenges:
    • MVP (Silver) Style of the Hangtime Outfit and the Downtown (Silver) Style of the Swish Outfit
  • 12 Trickshot Challenges:
    • Deep In the Paint Spray

For many players, completing just 10 of the challenges will be enough because sprays don’t exactly move the needle for much of the playerbase, but depending on how easy these are to complete, it might be worth it.

The challenges will be completed in the Jumpman Zone, which can be accessed in Creative with 5519-3138-2454 as the code, but there will likely be an easier way to get in there once the collaboration launches.

What Are the Challenges?

VideoVideo related to how to complete fortnite x jumpman trickshot challenges2021-12-01T10:57:58-05:00

Interestingly enough, Epic didn’t lay out exactly what the challenges are, but they likely won’t be too difficult since they aren’t going to be in a normal game.

Instead, we might have spots on a virtual court where we have to hit some sort of trickshot with a basketball. As of right now, it’s tough to tell, but they likely won’t be too hard to finish.

This will end up being the last collab of Chapter 2 because the season comes to a close on December 4. The blog post states than anybody who completes the 12 challenges before December 4 at 2 p.m. ET will get the spray, so that’s likely when everything will leave for good.

The Creative code should remain active for a while, but the challenges will be gone.

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