Fortnite Coral Castle Isn’t the Only Location Leaving

fortnite coral castle event

Epic Games / EndymionFN

With the arrival of a new Fortnite update, a fresh leak has revealed that more than just Coral Castle will be taken out by the Mothership, indicating there will soon be a bunch of map changes.

This v17.21 update added a countdown to the middle of the map and a few more spaceships, so something big is going to happen in the coming days.

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a big event in Fortnite, so we’re long overdue for one to show up, and it doesn’t look like it’ll disappoint.

We’ve known for a long time that the Mothership was going to make its way to Coral Castle and obliterate it, but it looks like that’ll just be the beginning. As it turns out, the aliens have eyes on many other locations.

Coral Castle Has Friends

Coral Castle will be destroyed, but we already knew that. According to a variety of leakers such as HYPEX and FireMonkey, we know that Slurpy Swamp and Corny Complex will also get big changes from the Mothership.

Slurpy and Coral have been around for several seasons without many changes, so it shouldn’t be all that surprising to see them get some tweaks. HYPEX also mentions that these spots should turn into anti-gravity zones after the changes, similar to how Holly Hatchery works right now.

Once that countdown reaches zero, we’ll likely be seeing all of this happen, so it’s not even an end of season event we’re look at here, which is another nice change of pace.

On top of the map changes, it appears that we have even more things to look forward to when the clock reaches the end.

Event Brings Cosmetics and Quests

Also according to HYPEX, the new event will have at least two cosmetics with it and it will most likely come with a set of quests to complete.

Something fellow leaker Mang0e points out is that because of the 10-day countdown, there’s a possibility we’ll be getting another update before hand that’ll add even more event files to the game.

There’s not much information about the event that was revealed other than the abductions, and Epic likely didn’t come out with a whole timer just for that.

It seems like an exciting time for Fortnite fans as the aliens finally will make their true threat to the island known. Perhaps this will be what it takes to finally get Superman on the island.

A running theme with the past several Fortnite seasons is the island inhabitants alone can’t stop the threat to the island, so they have to call for help. This is a reason that all of the crossovers have happened.

With a threat like Galactus, it wasn’t surprising to see the Marvel heroes come protect the world, but aliens seem to be a bit smaller scale than that.

Whatever the case is, we’ll have a lot more revealed to use in a future update and at the end of this in-game countdown. Keep your eye out for more changes to the island in the coming days.

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