Fortnite Fans Try to Save Coral Castle, But It Won’t Work

fortnite coral castle

Epic Games

The clock is ticking on Fortnite’s Coral Castle, a location on the map that will eventually be destroyed during Season 7.

This information comes from Fortnite leakers, so it’s not 100 percent confirmed that the place will be decimated, but these leakers do have a very good track record when it comes to the game, so there’s no reason to doubt them yet.

The theory at the moment is that the Mothership looming over the island is set to lay waste to the location, but things are moving quite slow at the moment. So far, the only map change of note is Holly Hedges transforming into Holly Hatchery.

This location now has a series of anti-gravity zones in it, and there’s a possibility the zones could expand elsewhere. For the moment, Coral Castle appears to be safe, but several players aren’t so sure.

There are some players out there who are not ready to see the land of all the brick and stone go away, so they are doing everything they can to protect it. Unfortunately, it might not have much of an impact.

Coral Castle Can’t Be Saved

Despite the best efforts from players like Reddit user PanDPandJa, this area just can’t be saved if Epic wills it to be gone.

However, that didn’t stop them from building a massive platform over the location in an effort to protect it from a blast from the Mothership. Similar things were tried when a meteor destroyed Tilted Towers, but the result was similar.

Alternatively, players have tried to destroy Coral Castle before the aliens could even get to it, as evidenced by Reddit user epicgaming038. At the end of the day, none of this will matter if Epic decides to just lay waste to the location.

There is still a question of when any of this will happen. We’re still relatively early into the season, but with the second big update just a week or so away, that could be the time to introduce a big map change.

How Long Can Coral Survive?

fortnite coral castle destroyed

Epic Games

If Epic does want to shake things up, we might be looking at a massive crater as soon as July 20. If Epic wants to draw things out longer than that, then it’s just anybody’s guess as to when it could happen.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen something massive happen during a season. Last season didn’t even have a live event to close it out, so we’re definitely overdue for something happening.

Holly Hedges transformed, but that sort of happened all at once. This time around, we’re just tracking the location of the Mothership, and once it starts looming over Coral Castle, we will know it’s just a matter of time.

The clock is definitely ticking and if you’re a fan of Coral Castle, it might be time to start coming to terms that this POI won’t be around for much longer. No matter what you do to protect it, the Mothership is coming and it won’t be pretty.

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