How to Unlock Superman & His Cosmetics in Fortnite

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It’s no secret that Superman will be coming to Fortnite at some point during Season 7, and he’ll also be bringing a set of cosmetics with him.

While we don’t know exactly how his arrival will impact Fortnite, we do know how we’ll likely be unlocking him and his cosmetics. The common thought is just that we’ll be using Battle Stars to unlock him, but since those will eventually be capped out, it makes sense that Epic gives us a different way to get him.

As it turns out, it won’t be tied to Battle Stars at all, but it’ll instead come down to how many quests you complete during the season.

If you’re a completionist, then this likely won’t affect you, but if you’re a really casual player, then you might find yourself scrambling to unlock him and all of his cosmetics.

How to Unlock Superman’s Cosmetics

Fortnite leaker FireMonkey shows that you’ll need to complete Epic Quests if you want to unlock Superman’s cosmetics. Hopefully, these will be retroactive because it’ll be pretty difficult to complete 50+ quests again just to get a new style.

Of course, procrastinators wouldn’t have any issue with this because they’ll have all sorts of quests waiting for them if they want to wait around.

One thing that’s not made clear is how to unlock the base Superman skin, so we’ll just have to wait around for this release date to find that out. It’s possible the game will just give us his iconic red, white and blue skin for owning the Battle Pass, but if you want to get it all, you’ll have to finish a bunch of quests first.

The Black Suit Superman, made even more popular with the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, will likely be a big hit among fans as people always like to gravitate towards the more villainous side of superheroes.

When Does Superman Come Out?

Epic Games / DC ComicsClark seems to be a fan of Fortnite.

According the in-game timer, Superman is on track to release on August 12, which means we’re still a while out from being able to get our hands on him. This could also coincide with a new comic book series.

When this happens, we’ll be even closer to getting a full-fledged version of the Justice League in Fortnite. The only notable names who’d be missing at this point include Green Lantern and Wonder Woman, but an argument could be made for Martian Manhunter as well.

FireMonkey says we should know definitively how to unlock Superman in the one of the coming updates. With Epic tending to give us a new update every other week at this point in Fortnite’s life cycle, we could very well end up knowing as soon as the LeBron James update.

There might be a bit of superhero fatigue in Fortnite, and this could just apply to the crossovers in general, but we’re sure fans will still find a way to excited for the Man of Steel himself.

Remember, all of his unlockables will expire at the end of Season 7, so if you didn’t unlock everything before Season 8 rolls out, your opportunity will be gone.

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