2 New Fortnite Weapons Leaked After v14.50 Update

fortnite season 4 weapon leak

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The release of a new Fortnite update always gives us a good glimpse at what the future of the game looks like through a variety of leaks.

Whether it’s upcoming map changes, challenges, or even weapons and items, we always get an idea of what’s coming to Fortnite.

Following the v14.50 update that concluded the Fortnitemares event, we learned there are two weapons currently being worked on behind the scenes that could be arriving in the game at any point now.

We’re still in the early stages as all we have so far are a bunch of stats, and we know how often Epic likes to experiment with new content only to never release it. With that said, let’s take a look at what we know so far about these potential weapons.

2 Weapons Have Leaked

Both the Heavy Mortar and Lazing Device have leaked following this update according to reliable Fortnite leaker FireMonkey. Now, this doesn’t mean these the weapons will be appearing any time soon, but they certainly could.

The Heavy Mortar sounds like an interesting weapon as it’ll use rockets and dish out 100 damage to players. If it’s like an actual mortar, there’s a chance this could take up two inventory slots like the Bandage Bazooka since it sounds like a weapon we’ll have to actually set up to use.

The Lazing Device also sounds like it’ll be an interesting weapon, and at first glance it even seems like it could be a unibeam-type weapon.

Perhaps when Season 4 wraps up they could keep the unibeam alive in this way.

When Are These Coming?

For the time being, there’s not a definitive timetable for us to look at for when these weapons will release, or even if they will.

They definitely sound like interesting ideas that’d feel right at home in Fortnite with the amount of wacky items that already exist.

Keep an eye out for any new weapons appearing in the game, and we’ll also let you know if these guns do show up in the future.

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