Where to Ignite & Dance at a Tomato Shrine near Pizza Pit or Pizza Food Truck in Fortnite

Where to Ignite & Dance at a Tomato Shrine near Pizza Pit or Pizza Food Truck in Fortnite

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With the new batch of Fortnite Season 5 challenges now live, players have plenty of work to do in the game if they want to earn as much XP as they possibly can.

There’s still a lot of time left in this season, but if you want to finish off your Battle Pass quick and start unlocking the various variant styles for the skins, then you’ll need to play and finish several challenges.

As is the case with many of the challenges, all you’ll have to do is play the game as you normally would and you’ll finish many of the quests with no issues, but some aren’t as simple as that.

A Week 4 challenge asks you to ignite and dance at a Tomato Shrine near the Pizza Pit or a Pizza Food Truck. Here’s where you can do just that.

Where to Ignite and Dance at a Tomato Shrine

fortnite tomato shrine near pizza pit

Epic Games / Fortnite.ggThe Pizza Pit isn’t too far from the Colossal Coliseum.

Something that hasn’t really gotten a lot of publicity since the start of Season 5 is the return of both the Pizza Pit and Durr Burger. Greasy Grove and Tomato Town were once named locations, but since their return, they have remained relatively lowkey.

The return of Pizza Pit here is the focal point of this quest as you’ll have to come here to ignite and dance at a shrine.

Thanks to the map from Fortnite.gg, you can see this location just northeast of Colossal Coliseum, which is coincidentally not far from another quest this week.

There’s Another Spot Too

On the road between Slurpy Swamp and Misty Meadows, there’s another Tomato Shrine you can visit to finish this challenge.

Our advice would be to hit the Pizza Pit one because you can knock out the tomato basket challenge at the same time and that would be a much better use of your time.

Of course, it doesn’t really matter what order you do them in, and since you have until the end of the season, you don’t even have to worry about anything right away.

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