Superman is Bringing New DC Comics NPCs to Fortnite

Epic Games / DC Comics Clark seems to be a fan of Fortnite.

We’ve known for the duration of Fortnite Season 7 so far that Superman will be coming to the game, and now that we’re getting closer to his debut, more details about the Man of Steel are coming out.

We know that a set of quests will need to be completed to unlock him, and we also know that you’ll need to own the Battle Pass if you want to get him. By this point in the season, anybody who wants it likely already has it, but you’re still free to pick it up right now if you’d like to.

On top of all this, players will need to complete tasks from both Armored Batman and Beast Boy, so Superman will be bringing some friends to the island. Both of these characters are available as skins, but now you’ll be running into them on the island.

Beast Boy & Armored Batman Arrive on the Island

On a map posted by Fortnite leaker HYPEX, he indicates where the upcoming NPCs coming to Fortnite will spawn. There will be a Superman NPC east of Pleasant Park, a Batman one at Dirty Docks and Beast Boy, perhaps fittingly, will be found in Weeping Woods.

While knowing where they are is cool, these NPCs actually have some purpose in the game and they could even help you win a match or two. Thanks to FireMonkey, we know what they do.

Armored Batman will sell you Slurp Juice and offer quests, Superman tells you where the Storm will close, while also offering quests, and Beast Boy will sell you a Rift and give you quests.

The quests, of course, will be a very important factor here as they will need to be completed to unlock Superman.

We don’t have a timetable as to when these NPCs will show up in Fortnite, and if they’ll come with Superman even when his skin isn’t ready to go. We’ve already seen the Man of Steel show up prominently in a trailer featuring The Suicide Squad’s Bloodsport.

When Does Superman Arrive?

fortnite superman

Epic Games

According to the Battle Pass screen in Fortnite, Superman is set to arrive on August 10. That will likely be when we’re able to see his NPC show up on the island and finally unlock him.

Skins releasing this late into the season have become a bit of the norm lately with Fortnite, especially when you compare it with how Predator, Wolverine and Neymar Jr. were released over the past couple of seasons.

We’re not entirely sure if Superman will tie into the plot of the season at all, and going off Epic’s track record, we’re not sure what to expect. Wolverine did play a role in defeating Galactus, but Neymar Jr. didn’t do anything for the plot.

If anybody was going to be able to push back the ongoing alien invasion on the island, it’d be Superman. We’ll just have to wait and see if he shows up and does anything, or if he’ll be just as helpless as everybody else on the island.

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