Top 5 Sweatiest Skins in Fortnite

Epic Games

For a game that’s been out as long as Fortnite has, there are bound to be more popular skins than others.

When it comes to Fortnite, there are plenty of skins that some of the “sweatier” players in the game like to gravitate to.

There’s a good chance you can rattle a few of them off the top of your head and maybe you’ve even been eliminated by a few of them. Perhaps you’re even one of the players who wear these skins.

Whatever the case may be, let’s dive right into five of the sweatiest skins in all of Fortnite.

1. Superhero Skin

fortnite boundless superhero skins nerf

Epic Games

While this list doesn’t have a particular order, the first thing that comes off the top of our head is the Superhero skin.

Epic almost certainly intended this skin to be used to create your very own superhero, but instead, players decided to just make them all white or all black in an effort to blend in with the environment. Epic did nerf them a lot, but there are still some issues with them.

If you see somebody rocking a solid color on one of these skins, just know you’ll be in for a fight.

2. Elite Agent

fortnite elite agent

Epic Games

The Elite Agent is a skin that comes back to the Item Shop from time to time, and while it doesn’t seem like something a lot of players would rock all the time, it’s actually surprising how often we see it.

Whenever somebody wants to step up their game and go for high elimination Victory Royales, this is a go-to skin for some reason.

It’s relatively cheap when compared to many of the other styles that show up in the Item Shop, and the fact it’s been around for a long time could be why so many players have it.

3. Tony Stark

Epic Games

This is a strange addition to the list but we have to throw it on here. Tony Stark was part of the Chapter 2 Season 4 Battle Pass, and usually, you won’t be seeing a ton of characters using Battle Pass skins in later season.

Something you do see still is a Tony Stark skin running around, and you see it pretty often. On top of that, they’ll often be wearing one of the colored versions, showing that they level beyond their Battle Pass.

Tony Stark is a cool skin to rock, especially since it can turn into Iron Man, so we can’t fault them too much. Just know that these players tend to be pretty good at the game. Of course, you could steamroll somebody wearing the skin because they are just a little skin who likes Iron Man.

4. Aura

fortnite aura

Epic Games

Aura has been gaining popularity as of late and you actually see a lot of pro players rocking this skin. She was part of Reverse2K’s locker bundle, and given that he’s been very successful in the past couple FNCS tournaments, perhaps that has helped her gain noteriety.

Nothing about her really stands out other than the backwards hat, but that hasn’t stopped her from becoming quite popular.

Of course, putting on a skin won’t make you good overnight, but it could be enough to make your enemies become nervous.

5. Dummy

fortnite dummy

Epic Games

Dummy is a very strange thing to put on this list but it feels like any time this character isn’t a bot, it will crank 90s on you within a few seconds.

To its credit, Dummy does look slimmer than your regular skin, but it has the same hitbox as the rest of them.

Maybe Dummy is used by good players as a way to bait fights. Nobody particularly fears this skin when they see it, but all it takes is getting wrecked once to change that opinion.

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