Fortnite Map Changes Begin As Winterfest Concludes

fortnite map change

Epic Games

It’s now January which means Winterfest has finally come to a close and the next stage of Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1 is now in full swing.

Epic hasn’t come up with a big update in Fortnite since they introduced Winterfest, but there have been some smaller patches that have progressed some elements along.

However, the map changes have shown they don’t even need a patch with downtime to start happening as the first changes have already gotten underway.

Chapter 3 gave us a brand-new map to explore, but we’ve been playing with it for a month or so it is beginning to get a bit stale. While this latest map change hasn’t brought a new location to explore, it is bringing changes.

Snow Melting Begins

You’ll notice that when you load into the game, the snow might not be covering as much as it previously was, but it might help to know just how much of it has melted.

In the video posted by Fortnite leaker HYPEX, you can look at a time lapse of just how much of it is gone since the end of Winterfest, and it’ll continue to melt away in the coming days and weeks.

Snow melting isn’t all that exciting, but it’s what’s coming after this snow melts that will have players excited. We’ve known for a while now that some big changes are on the horizon, and it starts with the return of the IO Guards to the game. Their driller has already shown up on the map, and where the IO are, trouble usually seems to follow.

This month’s Crew Pack has given us a new Doctor Slone skin, so it’s clear she’s not done with the island as of yet, and that’s just bad news for everybody.

Tilted Towers Still Coming

HYPEX also notes that Tilted Towers is still coming this season, and it’s currently lining up with the release of the v19.10 update, which is set to release on January 18 according to the leaker.

“The 3rd snow stage goes live on the 10th (in 3 days), Tilted Towers is on Stage 6,” he wrote. “So if it melts every 3 days then we SHOULD get Tilted Towers, The IO & Their Cave POI, Butter Cake, Grenade Launchers & 19.10 on the 18th which is Tilted Towers’ birthday, BIG content day.”

Unfortunately, this does seem to confirm that we aren’t getting a big update next week, but instead we’ll have to wait a bit longer. We should be getting more snow melting in the coming days, and if we’re able to hold out for at least another week, it looks like the wait should pay off.

At the very least, we should be getting more development from the IO Guards and that means changes are on the way. Make sure you check out the diggers because you should be able to get a strong SMG off the guards in the area and you can open up one of the rare IO chests. Who knows, maybe it could even lead you to your next Victory Royale.

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