NBA 2K22 Will Feature Every Team’s Real PA Announcers [LISTEN]


Presentation in sports video games is often ignored, but over the years, the NBA 2K brand has done a pretty good job investing in this aspect of their game.

On Wednesday, 2K announced an audio presentation element that I’ll be honest, I never thought we’d see in the game. NBA 2K22 will feature the real PA announcer for every franchise in the league and some of the recently retired legendary voices.

A Twitter follower asked me about this on one of my streams some weeks back, and I told him I didn’t think it would happen. He’s a Milwaukee Bucks fan and he sent me this message right after the announcement was made.

It was a pleasant surprise.

What Made 2K Include Real PA Announcers?

Audio presentation can be tricky. Sound files can be among the largest in the bundle that creates the total size of a game.

Getting individual calls from more than 30 different voices seems like it was a huge undertaking. However, it appears 2K wanted to lean in on the NBA atmosphere after we lost much of that experience during the 2020-21 season because of COVID-19.

Per a press release provided by 2K, a few PA announcers who are featured in the game shared their thoughts. Few have a voice more recognizable than the voice of Madison Square Garden.

“After last year, I think we all have a renewed appreciation for the noise and cheers that fill an NBA arena each night,” said Mike Walczewski, Public Address Announcer for the New York Knicks. “With the style and enthusiasm of every team’s PA announcer now in the game, I truly feel that NBA 2K22 players will experience the thrill and the drama of stepping onto their home-court firsthand.”

It takes a special breed to rally a Sixers fan.

“From the fans to the PA announcers, each team truly has its own distinct atmosphere and energy,” said Matt Cord, Public Address Announcer for the Philadelphia 76ers. “NBA 2K22 is capturing the essence of each arena to further immerse players in the sights and sounds of a true NBA experience. I’m proud that I can help bring the game to life, especially for all the Sixers fans playing, because they feed off of me and I feed off of them. They are an incredibly passionate fanbase.”

Could This Be the Precursor to Multiple Announce Teams?

One feature I’ve wanted to see added for years is multiple announce teams. Even if we don’t have the actual local announcers from each team, simply having a dedicated duo for every franchise would be excellent.

In a MyNBA, your scheduled games would have a much different feel. If you’re at home, and the game isn’t a nationally televised game, you’d get your hometown crew. If you’re on the road, you’d get the opposition’s announcers.

Hopefully the addition of authentic PA announcers is a move in that direction.

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