Pokemon GO Fest 2021 Announced, Meloetta Teased

pokemon go fest 2021


Niantic announced the dates for Pokemon GO Fest 2021, as well as teased the Mythical Pokemon to be featured during the event.

Pokemon GO Fest 2021 will once again be a two-day global event that will happen on July 17 and July 18, 2021.

The blog post announcing this year’s fest was scant on details, but the featured photo appears to tease that the Mythical Pokemon Meloetta might be featured during the event, as pointed out by Serebii’s Joe Merrick.

Pokemon GO Fest attendees have been able to catch Mythical Pokemon during the event before any other player in the world.

Meloetta has the power to control the feelings of others through its songs, according to the PokeDex in the Pokemon games. The logo for Pokemon GO Fest 2021 not only features musical notes but a green color similar to Meloetta’s Aria form. The appearance of Meloetta has yet to be officially confirmed, however.

From the picture, it’s also anticipated that Pikachu, Marill, Scyther, Woobat, and Chespin will make appearances during the fest as well.

As the blog post points out, 2021 marks the 25th anniversary of Pokemon and the fifth anniversary of Pokemon GO.

Last year’s Fest featured a rotating schedule of habitats that saw different types of Pokemon appear in the overworld as well as different challenges for attendees to complete in order to unlock new events and bonuses later in the year. The following day of the event saw a takeover by Team Rocket GO will players being able to take on the leaders of Team Rocket GO in order to catch Shadow Mewtwo and Victini. We’re not sure yet if Pokemon GO Fest 2021 will follow a similar format.

Before GO Fest 2020, fests were held in a physical space in Chicago with attendees able to move to different areas for different Pokemon. However, due to the covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Niantic had to completely change the format to allow players to social distance and play from home. The change in format saw a massive increase in attendees. According to Niantic, players caught nearly 1 billion Pokemon during GO Fest 2020. Attendees for Pokemon GO Fest 2019 in Grant Park, Chicago caught over 15 million Pokemon, according to our previous report.

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