15 Best Unique Gift Baskets for Christmas

The gift basket is a staple of the holiday shopping season. While they might be a touch old fashioned, a gift basket is a good choice because it’s several gifts in one, which means there will almost certainly be at least one item in there the recipient will like. This list seeks to bring you some less conventional options. Whether centering on a very specific type of gift or type of recipient or just containing some off-the-wall combinations, these baskets are meant to be a break from the standard offerings. For those bored of the traditional gift basket offerings, here are our picks for the best unique and unusual gift baskets.

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  • Thoughtfully Gifts Bloody Mary Hot Sauce Tour

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    We included a very similar set in our gifts for tequila lovers post, in part because these are some of the easiest gifts to give. If you know the person on your list has a special love for a good Bloody Mary, this set will give them a great selection of items with which to create them. Included in this boxed set are the following:

    • Four highball glasses
    • Recipe book
    • Bamboo picks
    • Bloody mary mix (25 ounces)
    • Celery salt
    • Garlic salt
    • Oregano spice
    • Thyme spice
    • Garlic hot sauce (3 ounces)
    • Ghost pepper hot sauce (3 ounces)
    • Chipotle pepper hot sauce (3 ounces)
    • Whiskey habanero hot sauce (3 ounces)
  • GourmetGiftBaskets.com Gluten Free Gift Basket

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    My wife is gluten free, so I know how tricky it can be to buy bulk items like this. Inevitably, they sneak in something that contains a wheat product of some kind. This set is specifically geared to the people on your list who must remain gluten free. This is a more standard style of gift basket, but a bit unusual in its focus. Included here is:

    • Sweet corn tortilla chips
    • Pineapple coconut macadamia bar
    • Buttered peanut crunch
    • Cherry candies
    • Almond cashew clusters
    • Double chocolate chip cookies
    • Cashew brittle
    • Blueberry pomegranate almond trail mix
    • Almond nougat
    • Cranberry, orange and walnut bar
    • Pomegranate candies
    • Butter toffee peanuts

    If this one is a little too expensive, they have a smaller version here for $49.99. You could also opt for a gluten free and vegan snack package, too.

  • Urban Accents Grill Master Gourmet Grilling Collection

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    Another option in a gift box, this gives the recipient everything they need to perfectly season any item bound for the grill. You’ll give the griller in your life a total of eight different flavors with which to work:

    • Chicago Steak and Chop rub (3.1 ounces)
    • Kansas City Classic rub (3.1 ounces)
    • Argentina Steak rub (2.5 ounces)
    • Sonoma Pepper rub (2.2 ounces)
    • Athenian Herb dry glaze (2 ounces)
    • Vermont Grill dry glaze (2 ounces)
    • Santa Fe BBW dry glaze (2 ounces)
    • Mandarin Ginger dry glaze (2 ounces)

    If you wanted a set with tools, try this option from Thoughtfully Gifts.

  • Beyond Bookmarks iPhone Accessories Holiday Gift Box

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    Everyone has a smartphone, even most kids. While it’s true that most of the gadgetry needed to get the full experience comes with your phone, especially in the case of earbuds and charging cables, it’s also true that these freebies often wear out in short order. This gift box provides both of those things in addition to far more for anyone who loves to accessorize their tech. Included in this box:

    • DCI Back Pocket smartphone wallet
    • Kikkerland earbuds
    • Kikkerland iPhone fan
    • Kikkerland Backup Power Bank with charger and key ring
    • DCI Charge and Glo iPhone cable
    • Kikkerland Phone Lens Kit
    • DCI Bluetooth Selfie Stick
  • Broadway Basketeers Sweets & Snacks filled Photo Gift Box Collection

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    The key to this one isn’t so much about what on the inside, but what’s on the outside. This keepsake photo gift box measures 9.5 by 7.5 by 3 inches and allows for the display of five photos long after the goodies inside are gone. Personalize it with photos special to your recipient and the following treats will just add a little extra:

    • Beth’s Chocolate Chip Cookies (2 ounces)
    • Deluxe Caramel Popcorn (3 ounces)
    • Bellagio Chocolate Truffle Hot Cocoa (1.25 ounces)
    • Bellagio French Vanilla Hot Cocoa (1.25 ounces)
    • Organic Chai Tea
    • Organic Lemon Ginger Tea
    • Organic Breakfast Tea
    • Assorted Toffees (15 pieces)
  • Koko Koala Australia Aussie Favorites Gourmet Gift Box

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    I personally know a couple of Austrlian ex-pats living in the U.S. now, and know that they would love to get this gift set. It’s definitely more along the lines of a traditional gift basket, with the twist of focusing solely on goodies from Down Under. It might give them a pang of homesickness, but that may be a sweet memory for Christmas morning. This three pound box includes:

    • Vegemite (145 grams)
    • Two Arnotts Tim Tam Cookies
    • Two Arnotts Shapes
    • Two Tiny Teddies
    • Two Cadbury Boost
    • Two Cadbury Cherry Ripe
    • Two Cadbury Picnic
    • Two Cadbury Marvellous Creations
    • Two Cadbury Twirl
    • Two Cadbury Flake
    • Two Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate
    • Two Cadbury Crunchie
    • Two Cadbury Turkish Delight
    • Two Cadbury Caramello Koala
    • Four Cadbury Freddo Frog
  • Wine Country Gift Baskets Soup’s On Family Gift Basket

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    A unique gift basket can take a thematic approach as seen here. This gift basket is focused on a tasty soup meal, with the main course provided by a Canterbury Naturals chicken noodle soup mix to be served in the two included crocks. Here's the full list of items in this gift basket:

    • Mozzarella Cheese Swirls
      Hot Honey Crunch Mix
      Hummus Original flavor
      Valley Lahvosh Original Sesame
      Canterbury Naturals Chicken Noodle Soup
      The Peanut Shop Hand cooked Virginia Peanuts Lightly Salted
      Bamboo Spoon
      Soup Bowls (2)
      Wood Tray
  • Bump Boxes 1st Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box

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    Gift baskets celebrating a pregnancy can be given at the baby shower or for any birthday that might occur during that time. I know more than one person who will be pregnant through the Christmas shopping season, so that's another good opportunity. These Bump Boxes come in four variations, one for each trimester including the so-called fourth trimester when the new mother is tending to her newborn. Each box has a slightly different mix of products to address that phase of the pregnancy. See each of them here:

    First Trimester
    Second Trimester
    Third Trimester
    Fourth Trimester

  • Manhattan Fruitier Vermont Cheddar Gift Basket

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    Gourmet gift baskets are best when paired with a useful implement, as we’ve seen a few times on this list. This option combines a handy cheese knife and a bamboo picnic basket with a simple fruit and cheese spread. The cheese is Vermont cheddar from one of my favorite cheesemakers in the world, Shelburne Farms. I’ve been there a few times to get cheese from the source and can verify the excellent quality of the product. In this simple but high-quality offering, you get:

    • 1/2 pound of Shelburne Farms Vermont cheddar cheese
    • Three apples or pears
    • Organic Wisconsin whole-wheat crackers
    • Seasonal flower arrangement
    • Cheese knife
    • Bamboo basket
  • Buffalo Bills 25-Piece Beef Jerky & Beef Stick Sampler Gift Tool Box

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    Gourmet doesn’t have to mean European meats and cheeses or Belgian chocolate. It could also mean good old-fashioned beef jerky in a variety of flavors. This one is made for anyone who loves both jerky and getting something accomplished, as 25 packs of various jerkies are loaded into a Stanley-branded tool box. You’re not only giving the gift of a ton of snacks, but a useful carry-all, as well. In this gift box, you’ll get:

    • 3 oz. brown ale beef jerky
    • 3 oz. hickory smoked beef jerky
    • 3 oz. maple pepper beef jerky
    • 3 oz. turkey bacon jerky
    • 1.5 oz. black pepper beef jerky
    • 1.5 oz. cajun beef jerky
    • 1.5 oz. sweet ‘n’ spicy beef jerky
    • 1.5 oz. teriyaki beef jerky
    • 1.5 oz. barbecue beef jerky
    • 1.5 oz. chipotle habanero beef jerky
    • 1.5 oz. hickory pepper beef jerky
    • 1.5 oz. honey pepper beef jerky
    • 1.5 oz. mesquite beef jerky
    • 1.5 oz. spicy beef jerky
    • Beef and cheese beef stick
    • Chili pepper beef stick
    • Honey ham stick
    • Honey stung beef stick
    • Jalapeno cheese beef stick
    • Mild beef stick
    • Pepperoni beef stick
    • Spicy beef stick
    • Teriyaki beef stick
    • Turkey stick

    The 15-piece pack comes in a wine bag, if you prefer.

  • igourmet Appetite for Antipasto Gift Basket

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    Antipasto is, essentially, Italian for charcuterie. It’s the same basic premise of combining meats and cheeses with olives and other snackery common in the region. As with the one above, this basket features a cheese knife, but also adds a bamboo cutting board that can be used for presentation, too. This basket weighs in at over five pounds and includes:

    • 4 oz. sliced prosciutto
    • 4 oz. sliced salami
    • 4 oz. sliced coppa ham
    • 8 oz. Italian provolone
    • 8 oz. Monte Veronese cheese
    • 8 oz. Crotonese cheese
    • Mini toasts
    • 4.2 oz. Grissini con Olio d’Olivia baked snacks
    • 190 g tapenade
    • 10.2 oz. Sicilian caponata

    All you need for a tasty antipasto picnic, in portions large enough to share with a few friends.

  • La Tienda Entertaining Gift Box Gourmet Tapas

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    As with the antipasto and charcuterie we discussed above, tapas are small plates generally consisting of cured meat and nuts, among other snacks. Tapas, as a tradition, comes from Spain, and this gift box is stocked with items reminiscent of Spanish snacking. The following items ship in an elegant white box:

    • Dry-cured Palacios chorizo
    • Anchovy stuffed olives
    • San Nicasio black truffle potato chips
    • Fire roasted piquillo peppers
    • ‘Picos’ bread sticks
    • Rabitos chocolate bonbons
    • Gourmet Marcona almonds
    • Spanish style toothpicks
    • Cazuela terra cotta dish

    This size feeds about four to six people, but you could also opt for the Tapas for Two Gift Box, as well.

  • GourmetGiftBaskets.com Country Inn Breakfast Gift Basket

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    In order of importance, holiday meals follow roughly this ranking: 1. Thanksgiving dinner, 2. Christmas dinner, 3. Christmas breakfast. In my house, Christmas breakfast actually took the number two spot. Since the dinners are usually handmade based on family recipes, you’re unlikely to find a gift basket for that. You can, however, buy a gift basket to handle breakfast on Christmas day. This basket includes everything you need to serve up a tasty holiday brunch, including:

    • Buttermilk pancake & waffle mix
    • New Hampshire maple syrup
    • Coffee Masters coffee
    • Country biscuit mix
    • Wild Maine blueberries
    • Country ham slices
    • Blueberry pomegranate jam
    • Wooden serving tray
  • Stonewall Kitchen Best of the Best Gift Collection

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    Stonewall Kitchen is based in Maine, close to where I grew up. They focus on rustic jellies, mustards, and other sauces, as well as the snacks on which to put them. It’s hard to go wrong with anything this company makes, and this 21 piece set will create an instant collection of their goods. This tasty kit includes:

    • Raspberry Peach Champagne Jam
    • Sour Cherry Jam
    • Wild Maine Blueberry Jam
    • Farmhouse Pancake & Waffle Mix
    • Maine Maple Syrup
    • Mango Lime Salsa
    • Sea Salt Crackers
    • Asiago Cheese Crackers
    • Rosemary Parmesan Crackers
    • Hot Pepper Jelly
    • Mango Chutney
    • Artichoke Pesto
    • White Fig Spread
    • Mini Roasted Garlic Mustard
    • Mini Horseradish Mustard
    • Mini Maine Maple Champagne Mustard
    • Roasted Garlic Onion Jam
    • Triple Fudge Brownie Mix
    • Chocolate Whoopie Pie Mix
    • Chocolate Molten Lava Cake Mix
    • Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce