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41 Best Gift Ideas Under $5: The Ultimate List

When it comes to gift-giving, some prefer quantity over quality. And why not? The real point of giving someone a Christmas gift is to reach out to them and show them you care. That’s why they always say that it’s the thought that counts. Check out our picks for the best $5 gift ideas and start spreading the love. Or if you can stretch your budget a little further, you can browse other cheap Christmas gifts here.

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Gifts Under $5 Are For More Than Just Secret Santa

Setting a budget and keeping to it is crucial when you are shopping for a major gift-giving occasion. Whether it's birthday season or Christmas time, it can quickly become unfeasible to provide the grandiose tokens of appreciation your loved ones want and deserve.

But when the giving gets tough you simply need to remember one thing: it's the thought that counts. In fact, researchers from the Stanford Graduate School of Business confirmed across several studies that spending more on a gift does not increase the level of appreciation that the average gift recipient would experience from receiving it.

There is no reason to feel guilty about spending less on a gift because most people are just as happy with small gifts as they are with large ones. Another part of this is that most of us can relate to being low on funds.

This information has recently reformed my whole gift-giving strategy, and now I am able to show more consistent tokens of appreciation to those close to me without gouging my bank account.

Most of the gifts we've included in this roundup are just about $5, making them an easy addition to any "thank you" moment. Just note that online prices are subject to frequent fluctuation.

Furthermore, shipping can sometimes make an item less worth ordering online, so consider signing up for the Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial if you aren't already signed up. This gives you access to several Prime-Only deals and you can always cancel once you've done your gift shopping.