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101 Best Cheap Gifts They’ll Love

If there was ever a time to be cost-conscious, this might just be the one. So how do you find gifts that will delight everyone on your list without breaking the bank? The good news here is that there’s no need to sacrifice quality, just because you’re spending a little less this season. We’ve found 101 of the best cheap gifts that are thoughtful, fun, and imaginative as well super affordable, with nothing that’s over $50. If you’re feeling extra budget-conscious you can also browse our list of gifts under $5 to stuff some stockings on the cheap.

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What Are the Best Cheap But Thoughtful Gifts?

As we've mentioned before, when you're shopping on a tight budget, it feels even harder to find the right gift for everyone on your list, but if you choose something small that's especially thoughtful, you can overcome the small price tag by delivering something incredibly meaningful. 

So how do you choose something like that? Well, the key is to actually listen up! Did you know people appreciate receiving gifts they actually asked for more than those things they didn't? According to this study from Stanford University School of Business, we'd rather get something we're expecting than a gift where you winged it and perhaps guessed it wrong. Why not make it simple for yourself by listening and taking a few discreet but copious notes?

Are There Any Quality Cheap Gifts Under $10?

We know, ten bucks doesn't seem like enough money to buy anything worthwhile these days, be we can assure you that you're incorrect. There are lots of gifts under $10 for people in every age group. 

There are lots of pampering beauty products in that price range from artisan soaps and face masks, to jade rollers and bath bombs. Those are especially welcome right now when we're staying close to home and avoiding the spa.

There are all kinds of small tools that make fun gifts for the DIYers on your list. A universal socket set is something everyone can use for those odd-sized bolts and screws. A wallet-size multitool is another option that can do everything from cutting a seatbelt after a car wreck to cracking open a bottle of beer (best those don't happen simultaneously, obviously!)

Heck, there are even some gifts under $5 if you are merely looking to reach out and remind someone that they are loved this holiday season.

What Are the Best Creative Cheap Gifts?

Well, that depends on whether it's you being creative in your thinking or the gift itself being about creativity. There are lots of creative ways to give a gift, per this fun article from Wagoners Abroad.

If you want to give a gift that inspires someone else's creativity, look to things like a sketch pad and pencils, or perhaps a Buddha Board that lets them paint with water that slowly dries, revealing a new canvas every time they sit down for some creative time.

Journaling is another creative way that can help someone to be reflective, think about the things in life they appreciate, or simply put their thoughts on paper to look back at years later. There are many affordable journals like this one from Ban.do that are lovely. Some others even offer prompts to help the writer get started.

In fact, according to Positive Psychology, the benefits of journaling range from relieving stress and anxiety to boosting mood and overall well-being. Who wouldn't want a gift like that?

We've found over 100 inexpensive gifts to relieve your shopping stress right now, but in addition to the ideas we've given you here, you might want to check out these great gift-giving ideas as well.