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64 Most Useful Gifts to Give

There are few feelings worse than buying a gift for a loved one that ends up sitting on a shelf unopened and unused. If you want to give a gift that goes fully appreciated, you have to think practically and choose only the most useful gifts. Researchers from the Tepper School of Business conducted a study which revealed that gift receivers prefer gifts with long-term utility while gift givers prefer to give gifts that make the recipient say “wow.” This year, make the right choice and choose form over function.

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What is a Useful Gift for Men?

If you are looking to add utility to a guy's life, then you can never go wrong with tools. Whether that means a multitool like the Leatherman Wave Plus or a survival tool like the Esky Hand Crank Radio depends on the dude but few would reject either. You could also surprise a tech enthusiast with a FlashForge Finder 3D Printer.

What is a Useful Gift for Women?

If you are after useful gifts for her, then you have several angles that you can go with. The Pop Fashion Pocket Scarf is a great gift for the girl who is always short on pockets. A cast-iron pan is a must-have accessory for any cooking enthusiast. And the Kindle Paperwhite is the modern solution to an overstuffed bookcase.

What is a Useful Gift for Moms?

Only because I get asked this one a lot will I specifically shout out useful gifts for moms. You will get the most options from our best gifts for mom roundup but to get you started you could consider a Garden Kneeler or an iRobot Roomba 614 Robot Vacuum.