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13 Best Christmas Earrings For the 2023 Holidays

If you’re like us, Christmas fills your head with so many fanciful holiday images, from Christmas trees, ornaments and angels, to snowmen, Poinsettias, ribbons, and bows. We’re here to help you find the best and most beautiful Christmas earrings that capture those happy holiday themes. Perfect as gifts, Christmas jewelry is often the ideal and affordable gift.

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Rather than featuring lots of the kitschy stuff that's out there, we've tried to find really beautiful Christmas jewelry that you, or the woman on your gift list, will want to keep wearing, year after year.

These Christmas earrings, while many are not investment pieces, each have something that makes them extra special. In addition to our featured picks, we've also included three or four other awesome options in each design category to give you the widest variety of choices. Many are super affordable and will make terrific Secret Santa gifts, or small presents for your girlfriends, daughters, or moms.

What Are the Most Fun Christmas Earrings?

When you're shopping for something playful instead of fine jewelry, whatever you imagine is probably out there somewhere. If you're a Disney fan, there are lots of Frozen-themed earrings that fit nicely for Christmas.

Struggling to find a new idea? Check out these iconic Christmas images and explanations from the Online Star Register. Who knew that holly was revered by the Druids or that Christmas trees were originally decorated by Pagans?