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21 Best Gifts for Coaches

Being a coach is typically an underappreciated job that usually doesn’t result in being given gifts. That is about to change. There are so many cool gift ideas out there for coaches and they truly deserve it. These are the best gifts for coaches and are also a great way to say thank you for volunteering your valuable time to help make you or your kids better athletes and people.

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What are the Most Unique Gifts for Coaches?

Every coach is different. From the sport, they coach to their personal tastes no two coaches are exactly the same. The great thing about the gifts on this list is that they are suitable for any coach, no matter the sport or personality. No matter the gift, going out of your way to buy your coach something special will not go unnoticed and will always be appreciated. From the gifts that state they are the best coach to the gifts that will help them make the team better, there are some unique gifts that will make the coach in your life smile. 

If the coach on your list is a student of coaching and is always looking for new tips and tricks to elevate the play of his or her team then getting them a book on coaching is a smart move. The HeART of Laser-Focused Coaching is a book that will stay on their bookshelf for the rest of their coaching career. It is a great read and will definitely provide some new tips and ideas on how to approach the task of coaching any kind of team. 

Drawing up plays and strategies is a big part of coaching and leading a team to victory. For decades coaches used paper and pencil to put plays together, but as technology has changed so have the ways to articulate play calling. The Boogie Board Blackboard coaching tool is one of the most innovative ways to jot down plays on the sideline during a game. The coach on your list will be able to instantly erase and draw up new plays without wasting precious seconds during a timeout or break in the action. 

What are the Coolest Gift Ideas for Coaches?

If the coach on your list loses his or her voice at the end of practice from yelling so much then a voice amplifier is the perfect gift for them. Whether they coach indoors or outdoors the ability to have their voice heard overplays, whistles, and other coaches/players are incredibly valuable. This portable voice amplifier with a microphone headset is a cool gift idea that not everyone knows is out there. It is like a mini bullhorn that can attach to their belt. Save his or her voice for the big game with this nifty gift idea. 

Stats and tracking stats are a huge part of any sport. The ability to analyze stats on the fly can help any coach get a small competitive edge on the other team. With a new Fire HD 10 Tablet, the coach on your list will be able to check stats and adjust the lineup accordingly based on different situations in any game. The speed and responsiveness will come in handy on the sideline of any sport. The tablet can also take a video so he/she can study to team or opponent without having to download or transfer videos from a camcorder. This is a ridiculously cool gift idea for any coach that values any competitive edge.