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101 Best Christmas Gifts for Uncles: The Ultimate List

Uncles of the world deserve all of the best things for the holidays. Whether you call your uncle “fun dad” or something else, your uncle isn’t personally or financially responsible for you so hanging out, maybe over an adult beverage, can be a lot of fun.

There are a million “World’s Best Auntie” gifts out there but your uncle deserves some love too, right? Check out our list of the best gifts for uncles and treat him right. He may consider you the world’s best niece or nephew with one of these great gifts.

Find the best Christmas gifts for uncles below with our ultimate list.

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What are Good Gifts for Uncles?

Giving your uncle a gift is less like giving one to your parents and more like giving a gift to a good friend. Even if you're not especially close to your uncle, the relationship is different enough to where presents considered "fun" are more appropriate for him.

What's your uncle into? He must have hobbies or interests that lend themselves perfectly to a good gift. Maybe he's a handyman? Here's the thing with just about any uncle: flat out ask him what he'd like and he'll most likely just tell you.

He may do that thing where he'll say, "Oh, don't go to any trouble" or "You don't have to do that!" But then just level your uncle out and insist. There's an excellent chance he'll give you some ideas. 

If you do have a close relationship with your uncle, it may be a lot easier to come up with something. Does he have a favorite coffee? How about something for his office or workshop?

What Should I Get For an Uncle That Has Everything?

People say that a lot but in almost every case it's an over-exaggeration. Everyone enjoys having their horizons increased and that's even true for older guys. New experiences, especially unique experiences with you, is something an uncle would sincerely appreciate.

Wine or beer tastings, sporting events, cooking gear, and more can rock the boat a little in a very good way. Once he opens up whatever thoughtful present you came up with, be sure to not let it end there. Offer up (insist, even) your presence when he goes to use the gift.

And don't beat yourself up if you don't get a hellacious whoop of joy: guys can be tough to buy for in general. You know that you went out of your way and when it's met with a smile and a thank you, know that he loves you for even thinking of your fun uncle.