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101 Best Unique Gifts for Men: The Ultimate List

Men are simple creatures. Food, shelter, and, er, friendship is all we really need. When it comes to gifts, the staples of life are great but if some further fun is thrown into the mix, who are we to argue?

If you’ve been stumped for an interesting gift idea for that man in your life, we’re here to help. This is the gift guide for anyone seeking unique gifts for men. The items on this list don’t necessarily have a point like a tool with a specific purpose for a plumber or an engineer. These gifts are just plain fun and interesting.

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101 Listed Items

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What Makes a Best Unique Gift for Men?

Gifts for men are easy: a six-pack of beer. A jerky subscription. A cordless power tool. Seriously, it's not hard and there's a very good chance the guy will forget that he even got a gift ten minutes later.

That said, if you're really looking to make an impact this holiday season and not only make the man take notice that not only did he receive a gift but that it was unique, fascinating, and cool, then you've come to the right place.

Accomplishing that feat can truly be tricky. When a birthday or a major holiday comes around, the stress can get overwhelming. Never fear, however. All you have to remember is one word: fun.

Listen, don't worry about impressing girlfriends or co-workers. Men want fun gifts and it won't matter what the gift looks like on Instagram. If the gift is fun, delicious, or (best) a combination of the two, it'll be a hit.

So that cuts out so much immediately: don't give him a sweater. In fact, just stay off of clothes altogether. Don't give a gift card or a tie or a wallet. And forget about insisting it's something he needs although if it is, then bonus.

Men like to enjoy life. They like to play and have fun. That doesn't mean they're childish or immature, it simply means that they're in tune with what derives pleasure from their existence.

Video games? Sure. Explosives of any kind? Absolutely. Crazy cool DIY tools? Uh-huh. Audio gear for their car or truck? Yes, please. You get the idea. A new gas grill? Obviously.

The items on our list above are 101 examples of unique gifts for men that are silly, laughable, and, yes, fun. Go with what hits that eight-year-old side of your man and you'll give him a winning gift.