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101 Best Mermaid Gifts: The Ultimate List

Those of us obsessed with these beautiful, under-the-sea creatures, don’t simply like mermaids–we love them. I’ve pulled together the best mermaid gifts so you can get the mermaid-lover in your life something they’ll adore. See our roundup of the best horse toys and hedgehog gifts for more themed present ideas.

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Little Mermaid gifts for adults

Humans have been telling stories about mermaids across nearly all the continents and for over 30,000 years as some mermaid drawings have been found on cave paintings.

What I'm trying to say is, it's ridiculous to think that we should stop loving mermaids just because we're not six-years-old anymore. Clearly, it's human nature to think about mermaids so if there's an adult in your life who loves mermaid stuff, I've included plenty of adult-appropriate gifts on there.

Shipping times cutting it close? Mermaid gifts Amazon style.

Make sure you're keeping a close eye on the shipping times so you're not stuck empty-handed. When in doubt, pick out something that can ship through Prime on Amazon so it comes in within a day or two.