How to Lose Weight With Visualization: 5 Steps to Success

lose weight visualization

Learn how to ditch calorie counting, fad diets, and fighting a losing battle with cravings.

Nathalie Chantal de Ahna of Simply Live Better developed these steps for us. Nathalie is a holistic nutritionist, cleanse specialist, and mindfulness coach. You can find more inspiration at her website.

From Nathalie:

I’m a specialized nutritionist and mindfulness coach and I often work with people struggling with their weight and/or uncontrollable cravings.

Forgot obsessing about every bite you take and try something completely new: Visualization meditation.

Visualization Meditation:

1) Helps us calm down and unwind. This helps our sleep and stress levels, both of which can impact weight gain and loss.
2) Is an extremely powerful tool to rewire our brain. Just like constant advertising can make us buy things, constant visualization can make us believe and achieve things!

How to Use Visualization Meditation for Weight Loss:

STEP 1. Write Down Your Dreams.

weight loss visualization

Write down in great detail what you will look and feel like once you’ve reached your dream weight: how will your life and behavior change, what impression will you leave on others, what will you think when you look into the mirror etc.

STEP 2. Visualize Your Dreams Every Night Before Bed

how to lose weight with visualizing

Every night before falling asleep and every morning before getting up, picture yourself exactly the way you’ve described yourself under number 1 above. Paint your “new life” in the brightest colors and see yourself as if you’ve already achieved this goal.

STEP 3. Use Post-It Notes as a Visual Reminder

visualization for weight loss

Note down the following positive affirmations on post-its and stick them all over your place:

– I am completely free of cravings
– I only eat when I’m actually hungry
– I’m in charge of what I eat.

STEP 4. Repeat Your Affirmations Three Times Per Day

lose weight visualization-001

Three times per day for two minutes, focus on one of the three affirmations from Step 3 and repeat the words in your head like a mantra.

STEP 5. Breathe Deeply Before Eating

lose weight visualization-002

Every time you catch yourself reaching for food without really being hungry, take some deep breaths first and say aloud a couple of times: “I can surf the urge!”

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