How to Lose Weight the Easy Way: Cognitive Behavioral Training

how to lose weight cognitive training

Cognitive behavior training approaches weight loss in a remarkable way – there’s no dieting, calorie counting, or even willpower. It almost sounds too good to be true. But according to behavior change expert Lou Ryan, you can retrain your brain to get rid of food cravings and emotional hunger.

Lou Ryan is the founder of SelfHelpWorks, an online behavior coaching company, and has helped thousands of people lose weight, stop smoking, and take control of their lives. His online courses are used by insurance companies, hospitals, and corporations.

According to Lou, you can get rid of cravings and subconscious hunger triggers by retraining your brain.

Our ability to lose weight and keep it off depends largely on our ‘self-talk’ (conversations we have with ourselves in our mind). ‘Cognitive behavioral training’ allows you to change your behavior without having to use willpower, by simply changing your self-talk and repeating it over and over again.

3 Ways to Lose Weight using Behavioral Training:

1. Tell the truth everytime you eat. Say it aloud.

lose weight behavior

Every time you eat something, create awareness by telling the truth about WHY you are eating what you are eating, and the result it will produce.

Example: “I am eating [pizza] for comfort and I realize it will create the body I have.” OR “I am eating [broccoli] to create the size X body that I want and will feel proud of.”

2. Talk about your desires during meals. Out loud.

lose weight self talk

Recognize that the reason that you have a desire to eat like you do is because you trained yourself to eat that way … and that whatever you RETRAIN yourself to eat is what you will desire in the future.

Example: “ I have a desire to eat [lots of dressing on my salad] because I trained myself to eat this way. Today I am training myself to eat my salads with half the amount of dressing. This will help me get the body I want. Once I’m re-trained I won’t want to go back.”

3. Use every meal to remind yourself of your choices in life.

lose weight behavior training

At every meal, remind yourself that, “Whenever I eat, my choice is to eat lardy or to eat lean. The results of each choice are inevitable.”

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