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5 Best Hearing Aids: Your Ultimate Buying Guide

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Even if you’re the healthiest person in the world, hearing loss still may catch up with you. Enjoy music again. Hear your grandchildren laugh. Communicate with your friends the way you used to. Improve every day with a device from this curated article of the best hearing aids in 2019.

Encore Premium Hearing Amplifier with Telecoil and Adaptive Dual Directional Microphones to Improve Background Noise Reduction+Feedback Canceling to Aid Hearing Otofonix Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Telecoil feature (read more below)
  • Dual microphones
  • High powered with 18dB additional gain
Price: $375.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Simplicity Hi-Fi 270 EP for  Mild-to-Moderate High Frequency Hearing Loss by General Hearing Instruments Amazon Customer Reviews
  • No “plugged-up” feeling
  • FDA registered
  • Control volume with a button
Price: $999.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Empower Hearing Amplifier with Digital Noise Reduction, Feedback Cancellation & Enhanced Speech by LifeEar Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Best for conversations
  • Four different programmed modes
  • Excellent customer support
Price: $269.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Digital Hearing Amplifier  BHA-220 by Britzgo Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Inexpensive
  • 500 hour battery life
  • Discreet
Price: $59.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Digital Hearing Amplifier Open Fit – Small and Lightweight Device Designed for the Most Comfortable Listening Experience - for Adults and Seniors by Neosonic Amazon Customer Reviews
  • New Design
  • Intuitive & easy to use
  • Works on either ear
Price: $199.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Encore Premium Hearing Amplifier with Telecoil and Adaptive Dual Directional Microphones to Improve Background Noise Reduction/Feedback Canceling to Aid Hearing (Beige)  by Otofonix

    • Practically invisible when sitting behind your ear…comfortably
    • Switch between programs and control volume with one finger
    • Cool, advanced hearing technology
    • Only one reviewer didn’t leave a 5 star review, and that’s because they didn’t fit him comfortably. However, he said he would still recommend the product to others and that customer support was amazing.
    • 5-7 day battery life
    • Price
    • May have slight problems with feedback

    The most powerful and advanced hearing amplifier produced by Otofonix, the Encore is for adults and seniors seeking moderate to severe improvement in their hearing. Users will gain a max of 53 dB with 100% digital technology, 12-Band Processing and a 4 channel amplifier — which is what’s found in the most expensive prescription devices. Save your money and try this ready-to-wear option; there’s a full refund guarantee and excellent phone support anyway, so what’s to lose?

    At this price point, you’ll start to see more modern features like adaptive dual directional microphones. These tiny yet mighty digital sound processors determine which sounds are behind you, around you, and which are directly in front of you. Focus on the conversation you’re having, not the one behind you. The 4 channel wide dynamic range compression reduces background noise while making softer sounds audible.

    Don’t waste time messing with configurations. The Encore has four preset settings:

    1. Normal Setting – Regular Listening
    2. Noisy Setting – Reduces Background Noise (windy day, restaurant, etc.)
    3. Very Noisy Setting – Further Decreases Background Noise
    4. T-coil Setting – For use with hearing loops and T-Coil compatible cellular phones

    A T-Coil feature offers use with a hearing loop system where only the sound from the source is amplified (used mostly in theaters, conference centers, churches and even smartphones). This baby deletes all background noise to give you a crisp, clear sound. Without Telecoil, the sound from the speakers is amplified too, which causes sound distortion and awful feedback. Trust me, we like Telecoil. It’s a neat piece of technology.

  2. 2. Simplicity Hi-Fi 270 EP Best Hearing Aids for  Mild-to-Moderate High Frequency Hearing Loss by General Hearing Instruments

    • Works great in noisier environments
    • High quality, USA made solid-state components
    • 90 Day trial period (take advantage of this) & 1 Year Warranty
    • FDA approved for adults only
    • Comes only in pair
    • Price

    Music lovers and musicians, this one is for you. This hearing aid is Audiologist designed for musicians with mild-to-moderate high-frequency hearing loss. The microtube that sits in your ear is exactly what it sounds like — extremely small, blends in with any skin tone, and connects to a device that fits discreetly behind the upper portion of your ear.

    It’s not just for musicians — it just works so precisely that it samples 44.1 kHz, while some of even the best hearing aids only sample at 20 kHz. The analog sound quality is astounding — in this case, better than digital. Musicians nerd out to this.

    General Hearing Instruments claims this product has zero or low negative feedback. Negative feedback can ultimately result in an unnatural sound, so low negative feedback is a good thing. Richness in everyday sounds is improved as well as conversation. Before spending the money, learn more about this high-quality hearing aid on their website.

    Comes with instructional DVD, cleaning tool, travel pouch, user manual and battery.

  3. 3. Empower Hearing Amplifier with Digital Noise Reduction, Feedback Cancellation & Enhanced Speech by LifeEar

    • Fits perfectly behind your ear so you can barely see it — designed to be out of the way & with comfort in mind
    • Best for conversations
    • Risk-free 12 month warranty
    • Comes assembled and ready to use
    • Not designed for people with severe hearing loss
    • Some users report tinny sound quality in noisy environments. The company seems to be willing to work with them to make it right.
    • "Chirping"

    Experience crystal clear sound without a prescription. LifeEar’s dynamic digital amplification is able to boost frequencies associated with the human voice while avoiding other loud, high frequency sounds. Eight batteries are included with this feedback-reducing hearing aid, along with tubing with different sized tips.

    This is a fairly priced, mid-line hearing aid. The quality will be better than #1 but not nearly as good as the advanced technology you’ll find in more expensive or prescription hearing aids. Sorry, folks.

    It’s best to invest in one really good pair with a warranty, anyway. You get one of your senses back. It’s worth it!

    Available in Beige, Graphite, and Grey.

  4. 4. Digital Hearing Amplifier  BHA-220 by Britzgo

    • 500 hour battery life
    • Doctor and Audiologist designed
    • Discreet & Adjustable
    • You get what you pay for. For this price point, this is a worthy investment.
    • Some have a hard time fitting it in their ear (but it’s adjustable)
    • Amplifies ALL sounds. That includes already loud noises. Best not to use in a noisy environment.

    Hearing aid prices can range from $20 at a drugstore to $5,000 or more. It depends on the quality of hearing you are willing to pay for. The most affordable hearing aid that we can recommend. Britzgo’s digital hearing amplifier is designed by doctors and Audiologists to ensure awesome and intuitive performance. Over-sized buttons are easy for older hands to operate, while a larger battery cartridge makes replacing the 500 hour battery a piece of cake. The 220 sports an adjustable ambidextrous hearing tube that’s capable of swiveling left and right — use it in either ear!

    Enjoy four different environment modes that will help you hear in any surroundings. Voice boosters make sure you’ll never miss a word. Regain your freedom and live life without limits.

  5. 5. Digital Hearing Amplifier EZ Life – Small and Lightweight Device Designed for the Most Comfortable Listening Experience – for Adults and Seniors by Neosonic

    • Long battery life with durable shell
    • Works on either left or right ear
    • Full refund within 45 days if not pleased. No risk purchase.
    • Not for children
    • Better for having conversations than watching TV
    • Tube may be a little difficult

    Stop imagining and start listening. With Neosonic’s best hearing aids, pure digital sound quality with less than 1% distortion is coupled with 8 channels of layered noise suppression technology. Basically, this little machine is full of power and modern engineering that’s designed to boost conversations for all sorts of hearing loss. With 57 dB peak gain, anyone can use this hearing aid with success.

    One channel would simply amplify all frequencies, like the first hearing aid on this list. This device has four channels, allowing it to boost what you actually want to hear. Pick from one of four listening programs: normal, noisy, outdoor or meeting.

    This newly designed hearing aid is designed with comfort and convenience in mind. It’s a little smaller than their standard hearing aid, but not as small as their tiny yet powerful device that’s light as a feather and extremely discreet, but rings in at a higher price point of $299.99 (still an amazing price for what you’re getting).

It's easy to take your hearing for granted until you start to lose it. People born with hearing impairments, victims of accidents/diseases and plain-old old age -- there are many reasons for it, but it's no secret that hearing loss is one of the most frustrating ailments to deal with for all parties involved.

Hearing aids aren't just for people with hearing loss that impacts their day-to-day. Many successful musicians use hearing aids, especially the longer they work with sound and production. A small decline in hearing health can be devastating for a musician, especially if it comes in the form of high-frequency hearing loss. (Be careful, musicians: professional musicians are 4x more likely to develop hearing loss!) Competitive gamers have also been known to use them.

Permanent hearing loss is usually pretty -- well -- permanent. However, in addition to using a hearing aid, you still may be able to improve your aural abilities. Here's how (this is actually pretty interesting so read up):

  • Exercising (of course! This helps everything! Exercising promotes blood flow to the inner ear. Walk, run, garden, vacuum your house... anything that gets your heart rate up!)
  • If your hearing loss is related to exposure to loud noise, consider vitamins A, C, and E taken alongside magnesium. If your hearing loss is simply an effect of growing older, folic acid may help your ears stay sharp. (source with why & cited studies)
  • Eat a whole foods diet with lots of Zinc, Magnesium, Folic Acid and Potassium from natural sources.
  • Avoid junk foods and refer to bullet #1. The results of a 2013 study published in the American Journal of Medicine concluded that lower physical activity and a larger waist circumference were associated with a greater risk of hearing loss, especially in women.
  • Lower the volume!
  • Quit smoking. Recent research from the University of Manchester shows that smokers are 28% more likely to develop hearing loss than non-smokers. Doctors believe that the nicotine and carbon monoxide in cigarettes tightens blood vessels, essentially starving your inner ear of the oxygen it needs to keep hair cells in the cochlea healthy. Nicotine can also affect neurotransmitters in the auditory nerve, preventing them from correctly processing sound. As if you needed another reason to quit smoking!

*Before buying a hearing aid, you should be fitted by an audiologist. Consider scheduling an appointment with your nearest hearing care professional before making your purchase.

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