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15 Best Safari Chairs: The Ultimate List

From classic reproductions to modern interpretations, safari chairs have remained popular for their comfort, durability, and style. Originally used in the field by British soldiers in the late 19th century, these chairs were prized for their portability and stability on uneven terrain.

Nowadays you can find safari chairs on patios and porches as well as camps and lake/oceanside retreats which make for great boating furniture as well. Some campaign chair builds are like a foldable, cloth, Adirondack Chair. They are easy to store, and tote and can be unfolded anywhere to make any environment a little more comfortable. Here are the best safari chairs for your money and based on your specific needs.

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The safari chair has deep military roots that link back to Danish designer Kaare Klint. If you're interested in more than the looks of these cool chairs, you'll find out more about their interesting history in this article from Rain Noe.

If you are looking for the best deals and best-performing chairs then you have come to the right place. This list features everything you need to know before purchasing as well as some history on the safari chairs and reviews on each individual item. I, myself, have a few of these chairs and they are perfect for sporting events, concerts, BBQs, pool parties, and any kind of summer adventures. Some of them are easier to move than others which you will see in the featured images within the reviews. There are folding chairs that are designed to move around and there are chairs that are meant to find a home and stay there. Either way, there is a chair design that is within any kind of budget built to fit any kind of decor. 

What are the Best Safari Chairs for Camping?

There are a lot of great chairs on this list all at different prices and built for different things. If you are on the go a lot in the summertime and need sturdy and comfortable chairs for your adventures then this list is going to serve you well. A great camping chair needs to have a few different attributes to make it convenient. It needs to be able to fold. It needs to be on the lighter side and it needs to be durable. A braided or mesh pattern is always a good choice and anything canvas is going to last you a lifetime. 

This set of two patio-type chairs is a great pick for campers and outdoor adventurers. The canvas material is easy to clean and the chairs fold right in half so they are almost completely flat. Just fold them up and slide them into the back of your vehicle until you arrive at your destination. There are different colors available if you are interested in something other than white. These chairs are going to make a great companion on any and all trips and treks in your future. 

The sling-style chair is another awesome pick for your camping and traveling needs. It is crazy comfortable, can be folded down to a fraction of its size, and can be sprayed down and cleaned really easily. These chairs are a bit lower to the ground than others on this list making them ideal for sitting around a campfire or next to a riverbed for fishing. They are durable and will last you as long as you take good care of them. You won't regret investing in a few of these chairs.

You don't need to be Steven Spielberg or Quentin Tarrantino to be able to enjoy a director's style chair. These canvas and wood chairs are lightweight, comfortable, and able to withstand rain and other weather without issue. A grown adult should be able to carry two or three of these chairs from vehicle to campsite or from inside your house to your patio or pool area. The ability to stash these chairs in your vehicle or camper is something that any true outdoorsy person will absolutely love. Make sure you check out the available colors and at the current price point you should be able to buy multiple chairs and stay within most budgetary restrictions. 

The Pangean Folding Wood Camping Chair is going to be a very popular pick on this list. Not too expensive, durable, comfy, and not too low to the ground. This chair is the perfect mix of what most campers are looking for. They are easy to clean and can handle rain and snow without issue. Packing these chairs will become second nature on your trips into the great outdoors. They can be folded to lay almost completely flat and you can store them with your coolers and bags and other camping gear. They are light enough to carry in one arm so getting them down to the campsite shouldn't be an issue.