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11 Best Electric Egg Cookers: Your Buyer’s Guide

electric egg cooker


Whether you like them poached, soft or hard-boiled, scrambled or over easy, a perfectly cooked egg is a thing of beauty. Eggs are also one of those foods that are easily messed up. Often over or underdone, they are either runny and clear when they shouldn’t be, or they’re more like eating a piece of rubber.

If you don’t channel Julia, Giada, or Alton, or you’re looking for a great gift for the busy professional on your list, perhaps it’s time to consider an electric egg cooker.

These Are the Best Electric Egg Cookers

red electric egg cooker Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Super cute
  • Very versatile
  • Auto shut off feature
Price: $21.18 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
stainless steel three egg electric cooker Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Simple and easy
  • Audible alert
  • Automatic shut off
Price: $16.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
white electric egg cooker Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Clever looking design
  • BPA free
  • Use as a cooker and steamer
Price: $44.37 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
shite electric seven egg cooker Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Compact size
  • Stainless steel heating plate
  • Very affordable
Price: $16.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
aqua six egg electric egg cooker Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Cooks perfect eggs every time
  • Six egg capacity
  • Five cool colors
Price: $19.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
white seven egg rapid cooker Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Weighs just one pound
  • Easy to use handle
  • Cooks and steams
Price: $19.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
ten egg electric egg cooker Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Ten egg capacity
  • Modern stainless steel cover
  • Cooks multiple ways
Price: $39.95 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
chicken shaped electric egg cooker Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Clever design
  • Easy clean up
  • Chirps when eggs are done
Price: $34.24 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
stainless steel 7 egg electric egg cooker Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Seven egg capacity
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Three optional trays included
Price: $78.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
copper colored electric egg cooker Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Huge capacity
  • Cooks two omelets at once
  • Auto shut off feature
Price: $39.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
16 egg capacity electric egg cooker Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Huge capacity
  • Cooks and steams simultaneously
  • Easy to read timer
Price: $74.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
bella egg cooker Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Up to 14 Eggs at Once
  • Easy to Clean
  • Multiple Color Options
Price: $20.38 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. EDITOR’S CHOICE: Chefman Electric Egg Cooker

    • Super cute modern profile
    • Great for compact kitchens
    • Cooks eggs and can also steam veggies and other foods
    • Egg tray lifter avoids burned pinkies
    • Lid is difficult to remove when hot
    • Only six egg capacity
    • Alert sound is barely audible

    It’s hard not to love a kitchen appliance that’s both versatile and also ridiculously cute. Such is the case with the Chefman electric egg cooker which features an uber-modern design and can do more than just cook eggs. This clever cooker can produce six perfectly boiled eggs at the desired softness, but it can also poach eggs and make omelets.

    The thing that impressed us though was that this cooker comes with a BPA free bowl for poaching that can also double as a steamer for veggies and other food items. Steam up veggies and fish for dinner, or perfectly prep potstickers for lunch. You can use this cooker for all three meals of the day.

    The egg tray has an easy lift handle so you won’t burn your pinkies when you carry it to the sink to run your eggs under cool water. You’ll also love the fact that cleanup is a breeze because most of the parts are dishwasher safe. The auto shut off feature keeps safety at the forefront.  As with many, the measuring cup features a shell piercing pin to ensure eggs don’t burst.

    Ideal for those who have limited kitchen space, this little cooker looks so cute you might want to leave it on your countertop 24/7. Looking for other cut and compact kitchen gadgets? We’re also fans of the Chefman Single Cup Coffee Maker that works with K-cups, loose grounds and loose leaf tea.

  2. 2. KitchenBro Stainless Steel Electric Egg Cooker

    • Small but efficient three egg capacity
    • So simple it's easy enough for kids to use
    • Auto shut off and audible alert when eggs are done
    • Stainless steel finish looks sleek
    • Not big enough for most couples or families
    • Alert noise is harsh
    • Measuring cup is very difficult to read

    Perhaps you’re not and eggomaniac, and you just want to cook a few rather than a half dozen or more. Maybe you’re simply cooking for one, and anything larger would be an overkill. This three egg cooker from KitchenBro is so simple and sweet, it’s hard not to want it (along with a bigger one too.)

    With a slim stainless steel design, this cooker has only one mission in mind – to deliver perfect soft, medium or hard cooked eggs. Use the included measuring cup to add the precise amount of water, use the shell piercing needle on the cup to prevent cracking, flip the switch and finish your morning routine. Once your eggs are done, this unit will automatically shut off and sound a buzz to let you know they are ready.

    KitchenBro’s compact designs appear geared to the single guy lifestyle. Their 4-cup coffee maker and compact toaster are great examples of that thinking. We also think this egg cooker is a great gift for women, but for more unisex gift ideas, ideas check out our recommendations here.

  3. 3. SimpleTaste Electric Egg Cooker

    • BPA free egg tray allows you to steam other foods as well
    • Easy lift off lid handle
    • Auto shut off without the obnoxious alert signal
    • Design is clever and cute
    • Heating plate can get stained
    • Not ideal for extra large and jumbo eggs
    • Egg piercing pin is not as efficient as some

    Raise your hand if at first glance you thought this cute little egg cooker looks like a rocketship about to blast some eggs into the stratosphere. We couldn’t help ourselves, but the down to earth truth is that it does a wicked job of cooking eggs to perfection. It steam boils up to seven eggs at a time, leaving your hands free to prep your other breakfast faves. 

    Use the included BPA free egg tray for poached eggs or fluffy scrambles and omelets. And, as with a few others, this tray does a righteous job for steaming veggies, fish and other foods – plus steaming retains flavor and minimizes mineral loss compared to boiling. The one touch power button features an automatic shutoff to ensure your eggs are cooked to perfection, and this cooker doesn’t have an obnoxious alert, a major complaint with some others.

    Hard cooked eggs come out easier to peel and use for deviled eggs or other appetizers. We think you’ll also like the 24 month warranty and 90 day money back guarantee. SimpleTaste also makes a larger electric egg cooker with a 10 egg capacity.

    To peel up to five hard boiled eggs at once, you might want to add this Multi Hard-Boiled Egg Peeler to your shopping list as well.

  4. 4. ELEHOT Electric Egg Cooker

    • Compact size is ideal for small kitchens and dorm rooms
    • Easy to understand instruction manual
    • Stainless steel plate heats up fast
    • Need to pierce egg shell for perfect cooking
    • Tray may show signs of rust
    • Indicator light isn't always reliable

    This cute and compact egg cooker is the perfect choice for those with smaller kitchens like apartment dwellers and students in dorm rooms. With the proper amount of water, this little cooker features a stainless steel tray that heats up fast and cooks your eggs with steam to the perfect doneness. In minutes, you’ll have soft, medium or hard boiled eggs, with no salty water splashed all over the stove.

    With an overheating protection function, this cooker automatically shuts off to avoid overcooking and burning, and it’s easy to see when your eggs are done as the indicator light automatically shuts off. In addition to the base and lid, this cooker comes with an egg tray that holds up to seven eggs at a time, the clearly marked measuring cup, an egg white separator and a full instruction book.

    If you’re a fan of soft boiled eggs, sometimes enjoying them can be a challenge, but not with the Gourmia Egg Topper Set, that lets you score, open and enjoy your eggs. It features a shell cutter, two egg cups and two little spoons.

  5. 5. Dash Rapid Six Egg Capacity Electric Egg Cooker

    • Boils, poaches, scambles and more with perfect results
    • Easy one button operation
    • Makes hard boiled eggs in just 10 minutes
    • Small model makes for easy storage
    • Timer sound is jarring
    • Lid seems flimsy
    • Not BPA free

    When we first fell in love with Dash, we were swooning over their adorable mini-waffle maker. They’ve kept the big hits coming with lots of other cool things from air fryers to this sweet electric egg cooker. With this clever kitchen gadget you can poach, soft or hard boil and even scramble eggs and make omelets in minutes, without ever over- or undercooking them.

    Perfectly prepare hard boiled eggs in just ten minutes at the touch of a button. The other styles of cooking take even less time. With three different trays included, you can create all your favorites any time of the day. With an included recipe book, and a carefully calculated measuring cup, you’ll be on your way to perfect eggs every day.

    Weighing in at just one pound, this portable egg cooker is super easy to clean and store. Pick from five popular kitchen colors, to match your decor. If you have a larger family, you might want to get the Dash Electric Egg Cooker Deluxe which can handle a dozen eggs at a time.


  6. 6. Egg Genie Rapid Egg Cooker

    • Egg shaped side handle allows for easy lid lifting even when hot
    • Comes with a steamer tray for cooking veggies
    • Uses a timer to ensure ideal cooking time
    • Built in metal piercing pin
    • No on/off switch or auto shut off
    • Hot steam from vent hole can burn you
    • Have to unplug unit to get the timer buzzer to shut off

    Picking up the lid from a hot appliance can be an issue with many of the egg cookers we’ve reviewed, but the Egg Genie features a clever egg-shaped side handle that tackles that problem with aplomb. This efficient little cooker can perfectly prepare up to seven eggs at a time, and comes with a plastic poaching tray that can accommodate four eggs at once.

    To make piercing shells, we really like that this cooker has a metal piercing pin attached, as many of the others have plastic pins on the measuring cup that tend to be dull or break off. It also includes a vegetable steaming rack, which as you know, we’re a fan of. With a built in time that allows you to know exactly when your eggs are done, this cooker uses a manual shut off which might be an issue if you’re easily distracted. 

    At just one pound, this great gadget is simple to store and pull out whenever you’re in the mood for eggs.

  7. 7. Cuisinart CEC-10 Egg Central Electric Egg Cooker

    • Ten egg capacity makes enough for a crowd
    • Doneness indicator light as well as audible alert
    • Stainless steel dome looks cool in a modern kitchen
    • Lots of flexibility to do more than just boil eggs
    • Doesn't always evenly cook soft boiled eggs
    • Lid design means dome isn't easy to lift when hot
    • Steam can leave a mess on the countertop

    You’ll love the versatility of this electric egg cooker from Cuisinart because you can cook just a few eggs at a time, or stack up to ten for a larger crowd. This cooker features a brushed stainless steel domed lid that resists rust, even after years of use. With a poaching and omelet tray included, you can boil eggs to soft, medium or hard, or create smaller breakfasts.

    The poaching tray can accommodate up to four eggs at a time, while the omelet tray cooks up a three egger with no problem. The precise measuring cup eliminates the guesswork, and it features a piercing pin to ensure your eggs don’t crack or burst while cooking. With a blue LED indicator light, as well as an audible alert, you’ll know exactly when your eggs are ready to eat.

    One way to make cooker cleanup easier is to use distilled rather than tap water to avoid mineral buildup on the heating plate. For tips to achieve cooking perfection, do be sure to read the excellent instruction book as eggs need to be placed top side up.

    If you’re planning to use this cooker to mostly make hard boiled eggs, you might want to grab this cool Norpro Egg Slicer and Piercer to make garnishes, salads and appetizers easier than ever to prepare.

  8. 8. Maverick Henrietta Hen Egg Cooker

    • Super cute chicken design is great for country kitchens
    • All removable trays and lid are dishwasher safe
    • Henrietta chirps when your eggs are done
    • Cute but not as durable as many
    • Condensation and steam leak onto the countertop
    • Not a good fit for extra large and jumbo eggs

    Sometimes looks make the machine, and we have to admit we were sucked into the flock by this Henrietta Hen egg cooker. The clever cooker would look great in any kitchen with a chicken theme or country look. But this chick’s got more than good looks on her side. This cooker can make up to seven eggs that are soft, medium or hard boiled, and it can poach up to four eggs with the included poaching tray.

    The egg boiling tray features a built in piercing pin, and the two internal trays are easy to swap out. Both trays and the top are dishwasher safe making for super easy cleanup. Henrietta’s got another sneaky secret you’ll love. She actually chirps when your eggs are done. What a hoot. 

    If you’re looking for a clever gift or a microwave egg cooker option, this cute chicken shaped cooker can prepare up to four eggs at a time in only five minutes. Or if you’re shopping for someone who’s a dog lover, check out this hot dog steamer that’s shaped like a cute little pooch.

    If these playful designs seem like something your grandma might like, we say she will. But if you’re looking for other ideas for her, check out our guide to the best gifts for grandma.

  9. 9. Elite Cuisine EGC-007 Easy Electric Egg Cooker

    • Stainless steel finish is perfect for a modern kitchen
    • Boils, poaches and scrambles eggs perfectly
    • Handles up to seven eggs at once
    • Faster than doing it the old fashioned way
    • Less consistent results than some
    • Cooking indicator light isn't very bright
    • May not be best for jumbo eggs

    Imagine getting perfectly hard boiled eggs without the dark ring, or deliciously poached eggs that weren’t rubbery? The Elite Cuisine egg cooker can cook eggs exactly as you’d like them in a matter of minutes. With a seven egg capacity, this cooker has a removable egg tray that allows you to cool your eggs under running water once they’ve finished cooking.

    It also comes with a poaching tray, and a separate egg tray for easy, fluffy omelets. The easily readable marked measuring cup takes the guesswork out of the perfect egg equation, letting you add exactly the right amount for the style. The measuring cup also features a piercing pin on the bottom so your shells never crack or explode.

    This cooker shuts off automatically when your eggs are ready and alerts you with a buzz when they’re finished. Get this cooker in six kitchen friendly colors. Interested in more highly rated small kitchen appliances from Elite Cuisine?  Browse here.


  10. 10. Copper Chef Electric Egg Cooker Set

    • Huge capacity with the ability to cook up to 14 eggs at once
    • Stacking trays make this cooker more flexible for large and small batches
    • Nonstick coated trays make for easy cleanup
    • Doesn't take up a lot of storage space
    • Shell piercing tool isn't sharp enough
    • Measuring cup markings are hard to read
    • No audible alert sound when it shuts off

    If you’ve got a big family, you like to cook for the week ahead, or you just want to cook a bunch of hardboiled eggs at once, this egg cooker has the capacity to do it. One of the largest we’ve reviewed, this egg cooker has the ability to cook up to 14 eggs at one time. With patented Egg-Right Technology, this cooker circulates steam to perfectly cook your brood and it includes an automatic shut off.

    Don’t want to cook quite so many eggs? The stackable trays mean you can easily cook up to seven at a time using just one of the trays. Two additional cooking trays allow for simple prep for poached eggs, as well as omelets, and scrambles. Unlike most, this cooker allows you to make two omelets at one time, so the cook doesn’t have to wait.

    This set comes complete with all the pieces you’ll need, along with instructions and recipe ideas. And we think the nonstick coated trays are super easy to clean, which isn’t the case with every cooker on the market. For efficiently cooking bacon and sausage to serve alongside all those eggs, the Cooper Chef Square Fry Pan Set is the ideal way to cook with fast and easy cleanup.

  11. 11. BASA Electric Egg Cooker

    • The easy to read timer and automatic shutoff ensure eggs cook perfectly
    • Cooks eggs and steams or poaches veggies and eggs simultaneously
    • 16 egg capacity the largest of all reviewed
    • Egg piercing pin isn't long enough
    • Some timer issues reported
    • A bit awkwardly designed

    If your mantra is “go big, or go home” this electric egg cooker and steamer is the right machine for you. With a huge 16 egg capacity, it’s by far the largest we’ve reviewed thus far, but it offers so many other features that if you have the space it can become one of your most used kitchen tools.

    This egg cooker offers two levels of cooking so you can create different egg dishes at the same time. Or you can poach eggs on one level and steam spinach on the next to allow for the perfect eggs Florentine. With an easy timer to ensure the correct doneness, and an automatic shutoff to avoid overcooking, this handy kitchen device is great for large families or to prep for a huge platter of deviled eggs.

    Lift out trays make it easy to carry hard boiled eggs to the sink for a quick cold water bath, and the easy to read measuring cup makes it simple to get the exact amount of water needed for your particular egg preference. It also has a built in egg piercer on the bottom. Boil eggs on one rack and make mini frittatas on the upper rack in the poaching tray. This machine makes cooking for flexible family tastes a breeze.

    If you’re going to cook as many as 16 hard cooked eggs, a set of egg holder trays can keep them separate from your uncooked eggs in the fridge and helps to avoid family confusion at snack time.

  12. 12. BELLA Double Cooker – Makes Up to 14 Large Boiled Eggs

    • Up to 14 Eggs at Once
    • Easy to Clean
    • Multiple Color Options
    • No battery option
    • Loud Beep Once All Water is Evaporated
    • No neat cord storage

    If you’re cooking for a family or you want to make multiple eggs at once, your best bet is the Bella Double Cooker. It holds up to 14 large boiled eggs, and it has a poaching tray, omelet tray, and boiling trays included.

    The device, itself, weighs under two pounds, so it’s highly portable and easy to use. It also has a handy clear lid that makes it easy to keep an eye on your eggs while cooking.

    The lid is dishwasher safe and the poaching and boiling tray are non-stick, making them easy to clean-up.

    It’s available in four stylish colors that are sure to match any kitchen.

How Do Electric Egg Cookers Work?

While most of these egg cookers claim to prepare the perfect hard boiled egg, they all work on one basic principle. Steam. These cookers don't submerge eggs in boiling water. They rely on heated plates to produce super powered steam that cooks eggs evenly and efficiently, a definite plus per the chefs at Bon Appetit.

What Else Can You Cook With an Electric Egg Cooker?

The beauty in using these egg cookers is that they leave your hands free to prep other parts of a meal, and most of them offer options to create the perfect poached and scrambled eggs, along with simple omelets.

A few are actually large enough to be used as steamers and come with baskets that can quickly steam veggies, fish and other foods to perfection, meaning you might need one less small appliance in your kitchen.

Those with automatic shut off features put safety at the forefront, although those with electronic alerts were almost universally noted as being borderline obnoxious.

How Can You Choose the Best Electric Egg Cooker For You?

Whichever egg cooker you choose as the right model to fit your needs, consider capacity. They range from the smallest at just three eggs per operation, to large models that can cook up to 16 eggs at once. That means if you're that person who is famous for your deviled eggs, a large cooker can really save the day.

We also love that these cookers are so simple to use. You don't need a long list of instructions, so they're easy for kids as well as cooks who don't often use the kitchen.

Using one of these machines means you'll likely need to pierce the eggshell to avoid eggs that crack or explode, so look for one that comes with a piercing pin attached to the tray or measuring cup to keep things simple. 

And if you're wondering whether you should be in love with eggs from a health standpoint, they're an almost perfect food for protein-based diets like KETO and Paleo, but they have tons of other great healthful benefits according to the BBC.