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15 Best German Christmas Pyramids for 2023

German Christmas pyramids combine the lovely ambiance of candles with winter and holiday motifs, handcrafted from wood set in motion. Discover the best German Christmas pyramids and other German Christmas decorations to adorn your holiday display and delight all the kids (and grownup guests, too) this year.

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What is a German Christmas Pyramid?

A Christmas pyramid is a decoration, usually wooden, which features an outer ring of candles that warm the air and propel a rotor, causing the structure to turn. The structure itself may be decorated in traditional Christian themes or other, usually winter-focused, motifs.

Though the exact lineage is unclear, the advent of the Christmas pyramid may variously be ascribed either to a Summer solstice celebration in the Erzgebirge region involving a St. John's Tree or to the adoption of the Christmas tree when an English monk used the triangle shape of a fir tree to demonstrate the Holy Trinity.

Somewhat separately, 18th century miners in that same region of Germany used light racks to gauge the oxygen in the mine shaft. These pyramid-shaped candle holders would indicate low oxygen, as the candles would need an ample supply to burn brightly. 

By the 19th century, these mines were exhausted and the miners turned to handcraft to make a living, which included woodworking and the building of these pyramids.

For this list, we focused on wooden Christmas pyramids that were made in Germany, but we've also included a couple of alternatives, as well, for price and availability considerations. Ultimately, you'll have to choose the one that works best for your aesthetic, but honoring the traditions is key, too.

Are There German Christmas Carousels Without Candles?

 There are. All of these pyramids look great when not lit but if you would feel safe not having lit candles in the home, you can also find a few battery-operated versions. 

Kurt Adler makes a battery-operated Santa's workshop scene complete with fake candles and rotating tiers. 

How Does a German Christmas Pyramid Work?

However they came to be, these creations are not actually pyramids at all, but candle-powered carousels also known as Weihnachtspyramide. These wooden figurines are animated by the heat rising from the candle, the motion of which propels the paddled rotor, a process called convection. The heat from the candle is warmer than the air above the blades, which creates a reliable pattern of movement.

In some examples, the entire decorated platform spins, while in multi-level designs, only some of them are meant to move. You can choose your level of complexity when buying; maybe you only want a simple, one-level pyramid or a multi-level, complex one that has some moving stages and some static.

Why Won't My Christmas Pyramid Spin?

There are usually three reasons a Christmas pyramid won't spin. First, make sure the rotor end is centered in the cup in the middle of the unit. These can easily shift during shipping or assembly.

Second, make sure the blades are at a 30-degree angle. If they're set to the wrong angle, the moving heat won't catch enough of the blade and the convection current won't be enough to turn the carousel.

Finally, if your house is very drafty, that might mean that the heat from the candles is getting blown away before it can reach the blades. Try to set the pyramid up in an area where there are no drafts.