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23 Best Wooden Advent Calendars for Christmas

With drawers and doors to hide secret treasures, each day leading up to Christmas morning becomes more and more exciting, thanks to Advent calendars. But who says they’re just for kids? As traditional as holiday snow globes, these are some of the best wooden advent calendars for Christmas this year.

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Why Should I Get An Advent Calendar?

The season of Advent isn't very far off, and for many, it's a lovely time to reflect on the true meaning of the Christmas holiday. Advent offers you a chance to slow down and appreciate special moments with family and friends, and to give thanks for your own blessings in life.

When Did Advent Calendars Become So Popular?

While the first known advent calendar was made in the early 20th century, the lead up to Christmas was often celebrated by marking the days off the calendar with chalk and lighting candles, according to this blog from The Cottage Journal.

Later we discovered that having little treats every day helped our kids to manage the hyper-excitement of the holidays without driving their parents off the deep end. And from a more religious standpoint, keeping kids tuned in to their daily blessings is a solid way to keep the meaning of Christmas manageable. 

Why Would I Pick a Wooden Advent Calendar?

We definitely love those cute paper Advent calendars, and they have evolved to have all kinds of fun things behind their doors from candy to charms and little toys. But wooden Advent calendars are an eco-friendly choice that you don't have to throw away every year. 

While wooden Advent calendars are more expensive than the disposable kind, they're undoubtedly an investment in holiday fun. These calendars offer you the chance to begin a family tradition that will last for years to come as your kids anticipate the unboxing and begin wondering what special secrets those doors and drawers might hold in the days to come. 

Should I Get an Unfinished Wooden Advent Calendar?

If you're particularly crafty, or if you're looking to create a fun family activity with your kids, getting an unfinished wooden Avent calendar gives you all kinds of creative options to either decorate it to match your decor, or to switch it up and recreate it every single year.

We've included several of those options on our list so you can choose a DIY calendar if you have the time and inclination, and if you don't you can select one that's already artistically decorated. 

While Advent calendars are often thought of as strictly for kids, we encourage you to consider one of these special calendars as a gift for your favorite grown-up, too.