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51 Best Weird Christmas Ornaments

If you love weird Christmas ornaments that make people say, “What the–?” then you’re in the right place. We’ve combed through the internet and found the most absurd and unique ornaments that will leave you wondering why the heck they were made in the first place. Plus you can get away with giving supremely weird gifts because they are technically Christmas-y. Christmas coffee cups can also get pretty out there.

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What Makes Us Love Unique Christmas Ornaments and Weird Stuff in General?

Answer: science. 

No really, the human brain is hardwired to place value on surprising things.

When we were fighting for survival as a species, being able to notice, comprehend, and remember expected things like an alligator suddenly emerging by the water's edge, gives us an evolutionary advantage.

Studies of the effect of novelty on the brain have shown that when we see something we aren't expecting or something we've never seen before, specific areas of our brain activate and release dopamine.

So, Inappropriate Christmas Ornaments Give Us a Little Buzz?

Dopamine is thought of as the reward chemical. Our brain motivates us to do things we like with a chemical rush of dopamine, like when we eat something delicious. So whenever you see something novel, like a weird Christmas ornament you wouldn't have expected, studies show your brain releases a reward chemical that gives you some of the same good feelings you get from a tall milkshake.

So neuroscience says that strange things make our brains interested and happy so stock up on bizarre ornaments this Christmas to please yourself and your guests.