Top 10 Best Cheap Inline Fans For Cannabis: Compare, Buy & Save

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Growing cannabis takes a lot of equipment, especially if you are growing indoors. Whether you grow in soil or in a hydroponics system, in a grow tent, grow cabinet or in a dedicated grow room, you are going to need ventilation to control the temperature. Your ventilation needs depend on the size of your grow op, the climate you live in, and the type of lighting you use and even the stage of life that your plants are in, from seedling to flower. Of course, hotter climates and locations with high humidity levels will need more ventilation. Cannabis plants enjoy a temperature range of about 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, just like humans. Some grow lights produce more heat than others, increasing your need for ventilation. HID and HPS light bulbs use a lot of energy, and a large percentage of the electricity they use is emitted as heat. Things can get pretty steamy in your grow room if you do not use inline fans to dissipate that heat. LED lights and fluorescent lights can reduce the heat in your grow room, but they do not eliminate it completely.

It can be very expensive to set up a grow op from scratch with all of the equipment you need to purchase. You want to make sure that you buy quality equipment that will last, but it is not necessary to break the bank before you even have your first harvest! Inline fans come in sizes ranging from 4″ to 12″ and you also should purchase ducting and a speed controller to get them hooked up. The inline fans in this article are perfect for beginners, and will save you a lot of money up front. When you are ready to upgrade, head over to our Top 10 Best Inline Fans For Cannabis Grow Rooms article to see the top of the line products. Also make sure to check out the Top 5 Best Charcoal Filters to prevent odors from escaping your grow room.

1. Best Small Fan: VenTech 4″ Inline Fan

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If you are looking to save money on grow equipment, it makes sense to buy a bundle like this one. This 4′ fan comes with both a variable speed controller and a carbon filter. Carbon filters help to reduce the odors that escape your grow room, so they can help a lot when growing in a small space or anywhere that you want to keep it on the DL. Just install the filter on the output side of your ducting and you are good to go. This fan is made by a well known brand, VenTech, that has been an industry favorite in cannabis for many years. It has a power level of 190 CFM and fits with 4″ ducting. This smaller size is perfect for small grow tents. You will also need to purchase 4″ ducting to go with your fan.

Buy the VenTech 4″, 190 CFM Fan here, or the 6” 440 CFM Fan With Carbon Filter here.


  • Does not make a lot of noise
  • Carbon filter effectively blocks odors
  • Shipped in frustration free, discreet packaging


  • Ducting not included
  • Does not have a warranty
  • More expensive than a fan on its own

Find more VenTech information and reviews here.

2. Best Six Inch Fan: Tjerlund M-6 Six Inch Fan

 Tjernlund M-6 Inline Duct Booster Fan, Hydroponic Blower Heat Air Conditioning Vent Exhaust, 460 CFM, 6" , best hydroponic duct fan, inline fans for growing cannabiis, marijuana weed

If you want a slightly larger fan for a more specious grow tent or grow room, six inch sizes are a good place to start. Unless you have professional grow operation, most home growers do well with six inch fans. This basic model from Tjerlund is a great deal for the quality that you get. This fan is well made with durable steel and a powder coated finish. It is built to last through many grow seasons and has a power level of 460 CFM. The fan does not include a speed controller, although it works with any brand that you may purchase separately. The fan does come with mounting brackets and hardware, but not with ducting.

Price: $77.95 with free shipping

Buy the Tjerlund M-6 Six Inch Fan here.


  • Very powerful at 460 CFM
  • Constructed of durable powder coated steel
  • Comes from a well known brand


  • No warranty
  • <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer"Speed controller sold separately
  • Does not come with charcoal filter or ducting

Find more Tjerlund M-6 Six Inch Fan information and reviews here.

3. Best Fan With Controller: Apollo Horticulture 4″ Inch 190 CFM Inline Duct Fan with Built in Variable Speed Controller for Ventilation

This 4″ fan from Apollo Horticulture is a money saver because it comes with its own variable speed controller built right in to the power cord. This lighweight fan is made of plastic and has removable duct ends. It is very versatile and cam be used with out without ducting either as your main fan or a supplemental fan. This fan is quiet and durable and comes from a well trusted brand, with a one year warranty included.

Price: $59.99 (57 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Apollo Horticulture 4″ Inch 190 CFM Inline Duct Fan with Built in Variable Speed Controller for Ventilation here.


  • 1 year warranty
  • Lightweight and versatile
  • Speed controller built in


  • Made of less durable plastic
  • Ducting sold separately
  • No filter included

Find more Apollo Horticulture 4″ Inch 190 CFM Inline Duct Fan with Built in Variable Speed Controller for Ventilation information and reviews here.

4. Best 8″ Fan: Yescom Inline Fans

Yescom is a great brand for beginner growers who are on a budget. This booster fan has a lower CFM than others of the same size, but it is very inexpensive for the 8″ size compared to the competition. When you use low-energy lighting like LED lights, you can afford to spend less money on ventilation because your grow room will not get as hot as if you used HID bulbs.

Price: $38.95 to $80.95 depending on size and number of fans

Buy the Yescom 4″, 120 CFM Fan here, the 6” 260 CFM Fan here or the 8” 720 CFM Fan here.


  • Less expensive than other options
  • Has multiple choices for size and CFM
  • Great for smaller grow ops


  • Does not come with ducting or filters
  • No warranty
  • Lower CFM than higher priced fans

Find more Yescom Inline Fans information and reviews here.

5. Best Booster Fan: Hydrofarm Eight Inch Booster Inline Fan

 Hydrofarm ACFB8 8-Inch In Line Booster Fan , best duct fan for hydroponics, growing cannabis ventilation, weed marijuana inline fan

Last but not least, we have the Hydrofarm Eight Inch Booster Inline Fan. Hydrofarm has come out with a great midline fan for people who do not necessarily need to get the cheapest option out there, but they are not at a pro-grow level yet so they do not need a super high powered fan. This inline fan is constricted of aluminum so it is very lightweight, and it comes in a standard eight inch size that will work with most grow tents. The reviews on this fan are very positive, and it comes with a year long warranty as well.

Price: $44.28 to $47.99 with free shipping

Buy the Hydrofarm Eight Inch Booster Inline Fan here.

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Watch a review video here.


  • 1 year warranty
  • Very lightweight
  • Well known and well loved by customers


  • Hanging equipment not included
  • Accessories not included
  • Not very durable aluminum construction

Find more Hydrofarm Eight Inch Booster Inline Fan information and reviews here.

6. Active Air 400 CFM 6″ Inline Fan

I have personal experience with this fan from Active Air and have found it to be an excellent choice for small to medium size grows. This fan has everything you need and none of the fluff. It is well made with durable steel construction, powder coated for a rust free finish, and easy to install. This fan is very quiet and has an extremely high customer satisfaction level. It comes with mounting brackets and an 8-foot prewired 120V cord, and has UL-recognized components for easy installation. Overall, this is a great fan for a great price.

Price: $53.76 with free shipping

Buy the Active Air 400 CFM Inline Fan here.

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  • Well known brand and customer favorite
  • Powder coated steel construction
  • Universal components for easy installation


  • No warranty
  • Accessories not included
  • Not as quiet as the most expensive fans

Find more Active Air 400 CFM 6″ Inline Fan information and reviews here.

7. VenTech VT DF-6 DF6 240 CFM, 6 Duct Fan

Here is another sweet and simple can-fan style inline fan from VenTech. This fan is one of the cheapest 6″ models out there, and does a very effective job at moving the air and cooling down your space. This fan as a air flow capacity of 240 CFM. It is very light weight with aluminum construction, and offers all of the basics that you are looking for in a fan.

Price: $23.99

Buy the VenTech VT DF-6 DF6 240 CFM, 6 Duct Fan here.


  • Light weight
  • Very inexpensive for 240 CFM
  • Easy to use


  • No accessories included
  • Not very durable cosntruction
  • No warranty

Find more VenTech VT DF-6 DF6 240 CFM, 6 Duct Fan information and reviews here.

8. Durable Cheap Fan: Think Crucial Durable Silver Inline Fan

This inline fan is made out of aluminum to be very light weight, but it is also considered to be extremely durable for the price. It can cover a temperature of 130 degrees inside of your grow room, so even if you use HID lighting it is an effective choice. This fan is made for 6″ ducting, making it ideal for any small to medium sized grow room. It is made to last a long time and to also be very easy to install.

Price: $27.75

Buy the Think Crucial Durable Silver Inline Fan here.


  • Very cheap to buy
  • Easy to install
  • More durable than other “can fans”


  • Not as heavy duty as steel fans
  • No warranty
  • Not a well known brand

Find more Think Crucial Durable Silver Inline Fan information and reviews here.

9. Best Large Fan Combo Pack: iPower 8 Inch 745 CFM Inline Fan With 8 Inch Carbon Filter & 25ft Ducting

If you have a large grow room and a lot of plants, it does not mean that you have to spend a fortune on grow equipment. 8″ fans are the best choice for large grow ops because they move so much more air – 745 CFM in this case – and keep your room the perfect temperature for your weed plants. This fan from iPower is not only an effective and well made option for a fan, but it comes with a carbon filter and ducting as well. You may or may not choose to purchase a speed controller as well. Purchasing all of the necessary equipment in a bundle like this saves you not only money, but time as well.

Price: $172.44 with free shipping

Buy the iPower 8 Inch 745 CFM Inline Fan With 8 Inch Carbon Filter & 25ft Ducting here.


  • Good for larger grow ops
  • Comes with ducting
  • Comes with carbon filter


  • Does not come with speed controller
  • No warranty
  • Smaller fans are still cheaper

Find more iPower 8 Inch 745 CFM Inline Fan With 8 Inch Carbon Filter & 25ft Ducting information and reviews here.

10. Best 6 Inch Booster: Hydroplanet™ 6 Inch Duct Booster Fan

Sometimes you need additional ventilation for your grow op, in addition to your main fan. This is where booster fans come in. This booster fan is so inexpensive that you can probably afford to purchase a few of them if needed and place them strategically in yoru grow room to move the air more efficiently. You can use them as regular fans inside the room, or attach them to ducting for additional outdoor ventilation as well. This is a simple fan with no frills, made by a well known brand that is very trusted in the hydroponics community. =

Price: $23 (67 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Hydroplanet™ 6 Inch Duct Booster Fan here.


  • Well known brand
  • Extremely inexpensive
  • Versatile


  • Not durable construction
  • No accessories included
  • No warranty

Find more Hydroplanet™ 6 Inch Duct Booster Fan information and reviews here.

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