UFC 114 Pre-Fight Press Conference Live Blog

— Bisping says it’s almost always his opponent who starts the trash talking, and so he retaliates. Says Dan Miller has been very respectful and is a good guy, so he’s had no reason to talk trash. He took all that energy and focused it on his training instead.

— Rampage says he doesn’t care about race at all. His main thing is to entertain people. Says that he got emotional when Rashad got in his face and he reacted with the “black on black crime” line. It was a heat of the moment thing. Rashad says it’s a good thing that two black fighters are in the main event of a card of this magnitude. Says that Rashad perpetuates stereotypes sometimes. Rampage says that’s his opinion and if he wants to make it a race issue when they are the same race, that just shows what kind of person Rashad is. Says he’s going to be him, be real and go on with his life. Says it doesn’t bother him at all.

— Rashad says his main motivation is his love of fighting. Rampage is a good fighter and he’s looked up to him in the past. Rampage says he’s motivated by his will to win and to entertain. Says if he loses the fight, his family back in Memphis will make fun of him, so that’s extra motivation to win.

— Rampage says he trained harder for this fight than he’s ever trained before, and he’s trained to finish it.

— Rashad says that Rampage stopped evolving a long time ago and compares him to an older Tyson who relied on his power to win fights.

— Dana says that they’ve never had more requests for tickets than they have for this show.

— Dana explains why Rashad turned down the original fight with Rampage. Rashad’s wife had just had a baby and he didn’t want to be apart from his family. Rampage says he just had a baby, too. Says he’s a fighter and he’s not the one who had the baby, so he has to keep fighting to make money.