UFC 114 Pre-Fight Press Conference Live Blog

— Dan Miller finally gets a question. Says Bisping is a great fighter, but he thinks he can take him down and submit him. Bisping says he’s going to kick Miller’s ass. Says that every other black belt he’s faced said they would submit him and they ended up with their faces bashed in. Miller says he’s hungry coming off two losses and he’s going to get the win. Bisping begs to differ.

— Rashad says he has nothing to prove. The game plan is to go out and win the fight. He’s going to go in the cage and see what Rampage gives him. If Rampage can’t stop the takedown or can’t stop him from advancing his position, he’ll have his way with him on the ground. Rampage smirks at this comment and says that people seem to forget about his wrestling background. He doesn’t like to fight a boring fight so people forget that he actually can wrestle. He’s not scared to be on his back against Rashad, either. He’s fought way better wrestlers than Rashad like Matt Lindland and Dan Henderson.

— Dana says Koscheck/Daley was one of the nastiest grudge matches they’ve ever had, but this one ranks right up there. Says the nastiest time for fights like this is the weigh-ins because they guys are irritable and nasty because they’ve been cutting weight. Well, Rampage is always irritable and nasty. Rampage says he’s done with all the trash talk and he’s going to do all of his talking in the cage. He says he didn’t even start the trash talk, but when Rashad got in his face he had to respond.

— Rampage talks again about how hard he trained for this fight. He trained hard for Wanderlei Silva, but he trained much, much harder this time around. He trained five rounds like it’s a championship fight. Says it was a bad idea for Rashad to get under his skin.

— Dana says the Primetime shows do help with ticket sales. This one has a lot of hype because it’s done the highest ratings in company history. Says there will be more Primetime shows but it has to be the right fighters because the cameras are in their face all the time and they have to be willing to flow with it.

— Rampage says that when he quit the UFC, he was angry. When he’s angry, he tends to do and say whatever he feels.  At that time he didn’t care if he ever fought again, but he started to miss it pretty badly. Says he’s going to miss fighting when he’s retired.

— Rashad says he’s not concerned about Rampage’s size or strength. He’s the smallest light heavyweight out there and everybody is usually bigger than him, so it’s something that he’s always dealt with.

— Rampage says he didn’t receive the Snuggy that Rashad sent him. On the day the Snuggy arrived, he’d had a bad day training, so his management kept the Snuggy from him.

That’s it for the press conference. They’re awarding the Tequila Cazadores Authentic Spirit award to Diego Sanchez now.