UFC 114 Pre-Fight Press Conference Live Blog

LAS VEGAS — The UFC held a pre-fight press conference today in anticipation of Saturday’s UFC 114 event. UFC President Dana White served as the host of the event, which featured Rampage Jackson, Rashad Evans, Michael Bisping and Dan Miller.

— Rashad says it won’t be difficult to control his emotions because he’s a pro athlete. Rampage says the same thing. He’s here to do a job and despite how he feels about the guy, he’ll keep his cool.

— Bisping echoes those sentiments. Says that all the emotion goes out the window when it’s time for the fight because you have a job to do.

— Rampage said Bisping helped him understand more about Rashad during training. Says Rashad doesn’t have very much strength. He says he hasn’t talked to Mr. T about the new A-Team movie, but the director told him that Mr. T saw the movie and was happy with it.

— Rampage says he’s motivated to win the fight even more because he wants another shot at Shogun. He’s still focused on this fight, but it gave him a big boost during training. Rashad says the fight with Rampage is his title fight and he’s not worried about anything that happens after that.

— Rampage says that training with Bisping is good for him because he pushes the pace and keeps him going at a high level.