Metroid: Remake Of Part 2 Is For Those Of Us Who Are Weaksauce

So, picking up where Anna left off yesterday, of all the Metroid titles out there, I’m the least familiar with part 2. I had a copy at one point, but not for very long. Mostly because I couldn’t appreciate and flat out handle many of the finer qualities as a kid. I loved the first Metroid to death on the NES, but was able to cheat thanks to a player’s guide that came with my system (really old school gamers in their early 30s will know EXACTLY what’ I’m talking about), which had a detailed map of all of Planet Zebes.

Whereas I found myself completely lost and confused in the Game Boy version; the fact that the screen was impossible to see, landmarks and terrain was impossible to make out, plus you were so damn big compound the situation. Most of which was alleviated in Super Metroid, but as Anna astutely pointed out, much of what made the game special in the first place was sucked out. Even as a kid I felt the in-game map was far too much hand holding (if not for the fact that I literally memorized every inch of that printed map as a child, I probably wouldn’t be able to enjoy the original to this very day).

I’ve seen learned the errors of my way, but as I quickly discovered recently, while buying back original Game Boy games from my youth, a copy of Metroid 2 is pretty tough (well, mostly expensive). And there’s no guarantee that I’ll still be able to play the damn thing, so what to do? Check out Project AM2R (Another Metroid 2 Remake):

Like many fan made projects, it hopes to fulfill many people’s wishes: a modern take (as well as an easier to play) version of a classic. And as you can see, it takes most of its visual cues from the official Metroid 1 remake, Zero Mission. But whereas most are completely vaporware in the end, this thing is actually coming along. One can download work in progress versions via the developer’s homepage (which appears to be updated regularly, and that’s a great sign.

Overall it looks great, but much like the later Metroid games, does this new coat of paint come at a cost? Also, I personally am not too keen about all the additions to the formula. Most of us who had a hard time playing the original incarnation simply want an easier experience, not an all together different one.

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