Ex-Scientologist Sues Church for ‘Forced’ Abortion, Toothbrush Dumpster Cleaning

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An ex-Scientologist is alleging the fringe church that claims Tom Cruise as its highest-profile member forced her to have an abortion.

She also claims false imprisonment and infliction of emotional distress, reports RadarOnline:

According to the court documents, Laura Ann claims that she was recruited by the church “at the tender age of nine while living in New Mexcio and moved away from her family to live and work in Defendants’ facilities in California when she was a mere twelve years old.” However, when she began working for the church several years later, the documents allege, “once Plaintiff began living at Defendants’ facilities, Defendants severely restricted Plaintiff’s access to the outside world. Plaintiff had limited and restricted access to email, telephone, the internet, or uncensored television. Defendants also opened, read, and censored all mail.”

Laura Ann DeCrescenzo also claims in documents that she was forced to clean a dumpster with a toothbrush and suffered other humiliating punishments.

And we when she finally escaped the grip of the cult, she owed them big-time:

“When Plaintiff left Defendants’ facilities in 2004 she was informed that she owed defendant CSI, approximately $120,000 for her on-the-job training since age twelve, this is commonly referred to by the Church of Scientology as a ‘Freeloader Debt,'” the lawsuit claims.

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