Carli Lloyd: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know about America’s New Olympic Hero

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Carli Lloyd might just be the hero of the U.S. Olympic campaign in the London Games. Her two-goal performance in the victorious gold-medal game will go down as one of the greatest single efforts by an American Olympian in any sport. But who is Carli Lloyd? How did she get to where she is now? Here are the top 10 things you need to know about America’s newest hero, Carli Lloyd.

1. She’s BEYOND Clutch

Carli’s 2-goal-game wasn’t the first time she dominated play under pressure. In the 2008 Beijing Olympics she scored the game-winning goal versus Brazil in the gold medal game. Add that to the GWG she notched today and you’ve got a recipe for the most clutch female soccer in history. She is the Daddy Warbucks of Women’s soccer … ’cause she brings home all the gold.

2. She’s a Jersey Girl

JERSEY PRIDE! Lloyd is a proud native of Delran, New Jersey. How much does she love The Garden State? She kept her talents in-state when she chose to play her collegiate career as a Scarlet Knight at Rutgers.

3. She Loves the Goonies

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Lloyd may work hard on the field but she also works hard on her netflix account. She is a big movie watcher who is a fan of The Goonies, For the Love of the Game, Back to the Future and all of the Rocky movies.

4. She’s Been on the U.S. Team Since 2005

carli lloyd usa soccer olympic hero japan

Carli is one of the more senior players on the team and has been competing on the national squad since 2005. Since coming aboard she has been a force to be reckoned with on the team having scored 40 goals in international play.

5. She Wasn’t Even Supposed to Start During the 2012 Olympics

She came in to replace injured player Shannon Boxx in the first game of the Olympics. She then proceeded to score the game winner, which vaulted the U.S. over France. Carli’s game winning goal then combined with her 2 goals now seem like something out of a disney movie.

6. She’s Intense

Pressure Makes Us: Carli LloydPower, vision, control. Everything matters in the midfield. Only the strong survive. Pressure Makes Us

She describes herself as “Dedicated, Relentless, Motivated, Hardworking and Committed.” Translation: She’s got a big ol’ set of lady cojones.

7. She Was the 2008 U.S. Soccer Female Athlete of the Year

She was a clear leader on the US team during the Beijing olympics in 2008. That would make her the best player on the number one team in the world which would make her the best player in the world. That logic might be a tad flawed BUT she is still one awesome player.

8. She Dominated College Soccer
She was the first Scarlet Knight to earn First-Team All-Big East honors four times during her career and ended her senior season with 10 goals and one assist to finish her career as Rutgers’ all-time leader in points (117) and goals (50). She was also a three-time NSCAA All-American and also a semifinalist for the Hermann Trophy. Yup, pretty damn dominant.

9. She’s Been on 3 Different WPS Teams

Although she currently is not attached to a WPS team, she has been a member of three Women’s Pro Soccer teams including the Chicago Red Stars, Sky Blue FC and the Atlanta Beat

10. She Led USA in Minutes with 1,654 in 2011

Soccer is one of those sports where you get tired just watching people play it. Imagine playing the MORE of it out of everyone else. I’m getting tired just thinking about it but that is just what Carli Lloyd did. She’s also the 15th-highest-scoring US women’s soccer player. 40 goals in 139 games. Carli Lloyd has solidified herself as a dominant force in the history of US soccer.

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