Goat Breaks World Record For Goat Skateboarding

SKATEBOARDING GOAT GUINNESS WORLD RECORDSubscribe!!! or she'll eat your homework! MORE VIDEOS COMING SOON! GUINNESS WORLD RECORD FOR "FARTHEST DISTANCE SKATEBOARDING BY A GOAT" was 118 ft/ 36 m by Happie GOATie! Guinness wed site: guinnessworldrecords.com/world-records/1000/farthest-distance-skateboarding-by-a-goat Happie's Facebook Page: facebook.com/pages/Happie-GOATie/367026966701717 Happie's twitter: twitter.com/HappieGOATie SPECIAL THANKS TO: Guiness World Records Anamika Devi Happie's parents Happie's friends and family CREDIT GIVEN…2012-08-03T14:08:31.000Z

A goat in Ft. Meyers, Florida has officially skated its way into the Guinness Book of World Records. No, we’re not making this ridiculousness up.

A Nigerian dwarf cross goat by the name of “Happie” road the board for a full 25 seconds in a parking lot while her owner videotaped the stunt. Now 25 seconds may not sound like a lot, but when you’ve got hooves and the attention span of a… well, a goat, that’s pretty big feat.

The goat’s proud owner, Melody Cooke decided to contact Guinness after the encouragement of her mother.

No word yet on whether the goat is picking up sponsors.

Via NY Daily News

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