Ohio Woman Dies After Being Raped, Burned and Tortured

After being found Sunday, raped, beaten and burned over most of her body, an Ohio woman has just passed away at OSU’s Wexner Medical Center after two days of clinging to life.

Authorities believe that the woman, Celeste E. Fronsman, was assaulted and tortured in a wooded area 1500 ft. from the road where a man found her and called police. The 29 year old woman was found severely burned with a rope around her neck. ABCNews has released an except of that man’s 911 call:

“I have a woman right here. She’s burned severely, she’s been raped and she’s been beat up. She’s got a rope around her neck, she’s totally without clothes and she’s severely burned.”

Celeste Fronsman

ABC in Columbus Ohio is reporting that a crime scene was found near where the woman was found, but as of now, investigators are not releasing details on people of interest in the case.

Fronsman suffered fourth-degree burns over most of her body. She was found 60 miles from her hometown of Canton.

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