Watch an NYPD Cop Shoot a Homeless Man’s Pit Bull in the Head

It was an effed-up scene all around on Monday in New York’s East Village as a drunk homeless man lay sprawled in the street — possibly suffering a seizure — while his pit bull named Star loyally tried to protect him from well-meaning NYPD cops, reports the Daily News.
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The man, named Lech Stankiewicz but known by his nickname “Polak,” twitched in the street as the cops approached, Star went nuts, and a crowd of gawkers gathered.

As shown in the video (above), Star bolts toward a cop who reacts quickly and shoots him in the head. The crowd gasps in horror.

Listen, people love animals as much as they hate cops, and everyone’s shocked that this dog got shot. But c’mon, if a pit bull came at us like that and we had a gun, we’d shoot him too. Not because we don’t love dogs or even pit bulls, but because we like having hands attached to our bodies. We’re with the cop on this one.

Anyway, the dog survived and is under the care of a local Animal Control facility. So what do you think?

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If the dog was displaying aggressive behavior and lunged in an attack mode then sadly the cop had no choice.

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