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    Two Louisville police officers were shot as Breonna Taylor protests turned violent, the police chief confirmed. See video of gunfire erupting.

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    Jones' case was the oldest cold case in the city of Fontana without an arrest until Nash was taken into custody on September 8.

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    Tony Yocham, a former-Texas police chief, was arrested by Texas Rangers and charged with a count of "continuous sexual abuse of a child,"

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    Biden was the subject of new political advertisements from Donald Trump, called "Break-in," as well as "Abolished," both of which indicate that Biden supports "defunding the police."

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    Two billboards erected by the Texas Municipal Police Association near Austin warn the city's police were defunded so people are entering "at their own risk."

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    Brooklyn Williams is a 23-year-old North Carolina woman who was killed by a stalker on September 1 in a murder-suicide, police say.