• Fantahun Girma Woldesenbet Photo: Frederick Police Release First Picture of Shooting Suspect

    Frederick Police released the first photo of shooting suspect Fantahun Girma Woldesenbet this afternoon, the day after they say he shot two Navy sailors and was fatally gunned down at Fort Detrick.

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  • Eric Talley: A Tribute to the Fallen Boulder Police Officer

  • Boulder Police Officer Killed in King Soopers Shooting: Cops

    A Boulder Police officer, Eric Talley. was killed when he responded to the scene of an active shooter at the King Sooper grocery store in Boulder, Colorado, the commander of his department confirmed during a press conference.

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  • Jay Baker: Cherokee County Captain Under Fire for Facebook Post

  • Robert Aaron Long’s Gun Was a 9-mm he Bought the Day of the Shooting

    Robert Aaron Long was found with a 9-mm gun during his arrest following shootings at Asian spas in the Atlanta metro area. Authorities said they are still investigating elements of the shooting, and did not release much information about the gun he allegedly used in Woodstock, Cherokee County, Georgia and northeastern Atlanta.

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  • Terry Wright: Anti-Masker Arrested a Second Time in Texas

    Terry White has been arrested a second time in less than one week for refusing to wear a mask in Texas. This time, she was arrested in an Office Depot.

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  • Minneapolis Police Department Training Manual: Updates on MPD’s Use of Force Policy

  • Minneapolis Police Knee on Neck Policy: MPD’s Restraint & Chokehold Rules Before & After George Floyd’s Death

    The Minneapolis Police Department updated their use-of-force policy and training manual, which now bans neck restraints and chokeholds. That policy changed after the death of George Floyd on May 25, 2020. Jurors will be asked to determine whether former MPD officer Derek Chauvin violated policy when he pressed his knee into Floyd's neck for more than eight minutes.

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  • Gerry D’Elia Now: Where Is the ‘Murder Among the Mormons’ Prosecutor Today in 2021?

    Gerry D'Elia is among the kookier characters to make an appearance on Murder Among the Mormons. While his job was immensely serious – homicide prosecutor for Salt Lake City – he doesn't take himself too seriously. Today, his is still practicing law. Now he has a private practice, Park City Law Dawgs, or, more professionally, D'Elia & Associates.