Amy Winehouse’s Ex Finally Admits: I Got Her Into Hard Drugs

Amy Winehouse, Blake Fielder-Civil, drugs, death

After all this time, Amy Winehouse’s ex-husband has finally confessed to what everyone pretty much knew all along — he got her into hard drugs.

Blake Fielder-Civil, a recovering junkie who was in jail at the time Winehouse dropped dead after a final alcohol bender, told The Sun he was relieved an overdose didn’t kill her.

“I don’t know whether it absolves my guilt or responsibility. But it meant I didn’t kill my ex-wife. When the toxicology results came back I was relieved there were no drugs in her system.”

However, he’s still not taking all the blame for Winehouse’s problems, and puts plenty of blame on the beehived-diva’s shoulders.

“It seems disrespectful to Amy to assume she was so impressionable she would take them without making the decision to do so herself. She was actually very strong and independent.”

Winehouse died at age 27 at her home in North London, and Fielder-Civil said her alcohol dependence was always the singer’s main problem, even though he introduced her to hard drugs. He insisted it was not drugs but her boozing that was always the problem. And he says he thought his world ended when he heard of her death.

Since he was in jail, he couldn’t attend her funeral, so Fielder-Civil held a ceremony of sorts in his jail cell.

Not that jail taught him anything. After he spent 14 months behind bars for burglary and having a firearm, he ended up in the hospital once again for drugs and booze. The doctors put him in a medically induced coma for two weeks, and that dope must have been some good stuff because he claims Winehouse came to him in visions to help him.

And let’s hope he learned his lesson at last. Fielder-Civil and his new girlfriend, Sarah Aspin — who hopefully is A LOT more stable than Amy Winehouse — have a baby boy together.