Beard Beer: Beer Brewed From Yeast of Unshaven Man

Beard Beer

Brett Joyce, president of Rogue Ales has been trying to harvest a new strain of yeast, but with little success until he found the perfect ingredient: yeast from hair follicles taken from a man’s beard that has been unshaven since 1978, reports News Channel 6. Now, I love beer and all kinds of it; light, dark, hoppy, pale ale, etc., but beard beer? No thanks. But it’s nothing to be disgusted about because yeast is everywhere, says John Maier, the award-winning brewmaster the hair follicles come from.

Rogue Ales is a brewery based in Oregon and makes tons of other beers including kinds like “Chipotle Ale,” “Dead Guy Ale” and “Vodoo Bacon Maple Ale.” I’ll try those, but I’ll have to pass this one up on the beard beer.