Filmmaker Says Obama’s Mama Posed Naked for a Communist

An anti-Obama movie, making its way to more than 1 million voters in Ohio and other swing states, makes several wild claims, including that the president’s mother posed for nude photographs.

Yes, that’s right. When all else fails, start with the “your mama” jokes?

Obama, mother, campaign, film, anti-Obama film

But this time, right-wing filmmaker Joel Gilbert also offers a wild, conspiracy theory in his film “Dreams From My Real Father,” claiming Obama’s real father is Communist activist Frank Marshall Davis, who owned the “subversive” magazines the photos were for. It also claims that Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham’s marriage to his father was a cover-up and Obama’s grandfather was a CIA agent, reports Hollywood Reporter.

Got a score card? Doesn’t matter — the claim that will probably open the most eyes are the nude photo allegations. The film shows photos of a naked woman in leather gloves, boots and a corset, striking a suggestive pose that was probably sexy back in the day.

Obama, mother, campaign, film, anti-Obama film

These photos aren’t anything new. They’ve been floating around on anti-Obama, tea party-type sites since August, and some believe tea party money went to finance Gilbert’s conspiracy film.

And of course, Democrats are screaming. Democrat consultant told the Daily Mail:

“There are two motives behind this — racism and money. It’s a cynical attempt to make some coin and exploit the views of the fringes of mainstream views.”

The director said he matched Dunham to the moldy-oldie vintage porn by comparing her high school photos and saying her teeth, nose and all matched. He didn’t hire an expert to back up what he was saying though. However, he says he has “convincing evidence” Dunham and Davis had a relationship. He also claims he has “30 photos of her in various compromising states of nudity,” and that the man generally believed to be Obama’s dad didn’t father him.

This movie isn’t the first anti-Obama documentary. 2016: Obama’s America is the second-highest grossing political movie behind Fahrenheit 911. But unlike 2016, this movie is showing up in voters’ mailboxes and all prepped to play in yet another bizarro incident as this strange campaign grinds closer to November.