Glen Doherty: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

As protests erupt across the Mideast following an attack on the U.S. Embassy in Libya, the families of the four Americans killed mourn. The dead are: Ambassador Chris Stevens, information officer — and gaming maven — Sean Smith, former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, also an ex-SEAL. Woods and Doherty were working as private security officers. So far, four people were arrested. Doherty, 42, was an author and outdoorsman. Below are 10 facts about Doherty.
1. Doherty Joined the SEALS in 1995
He planned to leave military service after knee surgery but 9/11 happened and he didn’t want to go, according to his family.

2.  He was at the Scene of the USS Cole Attack

Seventeen American sailors were killed and 39 injured in the 2000 suicide bombing in Yemen. Al-Qaeda claimed responsibility. Doherty, a trained paramedic, and his team responded to the aftermath.

2. He Served in Two Tours in the 2003 Gulf War

Among his many duties, Doherty helped secure oil fields in Kuwait. He was also a sniper on the rescue mission for Pfc. Jessica D. Lynch when she was held prisoner in Iraq. Doherty was also with the troops who captured Saddam Hussein’s palaces, according to The New York Times.

3. Doherty Wrote a Book About Snipers

He co-authored 21st Century Sniper: A Complete Practical Guide, with Brandon Webb.

4. Doherty Ran the 2004 Ironman Canada

The triathlete later took up CrossFit and SEALFIT.

5. From Ski Bum to Sniper

Doherty was a ski instructor in Utah and said if he didn’t choose a career by the time he was 30, he would join the SEALs.

6. Reality-TV Pioneer

Journalist Adam Ciralsky, Roger Carstens, a counterterrorism expert; ex-Navy SEAL Scott Tyler; and former intelligence official David Crane of ‘The Wanted.’

Doherty was featured in a 2009 episode of the NBC reality series “The Wanted,” in which intelligence and military experts and investigative journalists tracked suspected terrorists.

7. Doherty was an Avid Outdoorsman

Chester Hammel vs Glen Doherty – Navy Diver Challenge 3Chester Hammel takes on Glen Doherty. Glen Recently was killed while working at the US Embassy in Libya. You will not be forgotten Glen. For more informnation:

He flew planes, rode a motorcycle, skied and was a whitewater rafting guide on the Colorado River — before joining the SEALS.

8. Doherty was a Fitness Trainer

Doherty (right) got bodies buff in San Diego. On the left is online gaming maven Sean Smith, who was also killed in the Benghazi consulate attack.

9. Doherty Also Made Time for Man’s Best Friend

In this undated photo, we can only imagine this pup trying to say, “Please don’t go.”

10. Local Boy with International Focus

In “The Wanted,” Doherty hunted a suspected terrorist in Norway for extradition to Iraq.

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